GMG Bio Health Pharma Tech Association

Garje Marathi Bio-Health-Pharma Tech Association

"Fostering Bio-Health-Pharma Tech Innovation- A GMG Initiative "

 GMG Bio-Health-Pharma Tech Association will be officially launched on  19 November 2020 by Hon'ble Dr. Amit Telang Consul General of India Frankfurt. 

Purpose Statement:-

  1. To form synergistic, symbiotic network of academics, professionals, researchers, entrepreneurs and students from Biotech, Healthtech and Pharmatech.
  2. To educate and motivate the young aspiring budding scientist in drug development
  3. Provide scientific and professional guidance for young business owners to set the right direction
  4. Educational resources and guidance through the certification courses and or training
  5. Provide guidance for funding and or investment resources to foster innovations