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Garje Marathi signs MOU






Gautam Thakur

Graciously accept to join Garje Marathi Global as an Advisor, Mentor

GIST : Aahaar Kranti

Global Indian Scientists and Technocrats GIST and Garje Marathi to collaborate for AAHAAR KRANTI initiative

GMG Talk

Manoj Prabhakar Kulkarni PhD. Hong Kong,   Dr. Sucheta Pawar

How to Become a scientist

Dr. Pallavi Limaye, Dr. Udayan Apte

Meenaltai Mohadikar

Joins Board of Director Garje Marathi Global Foundation.

Sanjay Paithankar Dr.

A philanthropist in UAE, supplies free oxygen cylinders back home

Sanjeev Brahme

Charitable Trusts and Taxation

Sudhir Kadam

*Everything that every Startup Entrepreneur should know about Funding*

Yogesh Virkar

Accepting a job offer with a German company to work in India – My Reflections

Garje Marathi signs MOU

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University

औरंगाबाद: डॉ. बाबासाहेब आंबेडकर मराठवाडा विद्यापीठ (Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University) आणि अमेरिकास्थितगर्जे महाराष्ट्र ग्लोबल इनोव्हेशन ॲकॅडमीमध्ये सामंजस्य करार झाला आहे. जागतिक पातळीवर कार्यरत उद्योजक, प्रशिक्षक, मार्गदर्शक यांचा समावेश असलेली संस्था आता विद्यापीठाला जोडली गेल्याने नवउद्योजकांना (start up) संधी उपलब्ध झाली आहे.

स्टार्टअप ॅक्सलेटर प्रोग्रॅमअंतर्गत विविध उपक्रम राबविण्यात येणार आहोत. अशी माहिती कुलगुरू डॉ. प्रमोद येवले यांनी रविवारी (ता. नऊ) ऑनलाइन पत्रकार परिषदेत दिली. यावेळीगर्जे मराठीचे अध्यक्ष आनंद गाणू, सुधीर कदम (सॅनफ्रान्सिस्को, अमेरिका) आणि अलंकार जोशी (सिंगापूर) यांनी सहभागी घेतला. प्र-कुलगुरू डॉ. श्याम शिरसाठ, कुलसचिव डॉ. जयश्री सूर्यवंशी, संयोजक डॉ. सचिन देशमुख, संजय शिंदे आदींची उपस्थिती होती.

गर्जे महाराष्ट्रतर्फे पुरविल्या जाणाऱ्या सेवा नि:शुल्क असतील. संस्थेचे संस्थापक आनंद गानू आहेत. तर प्रकल्पाचे संचालक अलंकार जोशी आणि सुधीर कदम करीत आहेत. मराठवाड्यातील विद्यार्थी, संशोधक यांच्यात मोठी क्षमता असल्याचे कुलगुरूंनी सांगितले. ‘सिलिकॉन व्हॅलीच्या धर्तीवर नवोद्योजकांसाठी सोळा आठवड्यांचा प्रशिक्षण कार्यक्रम निःशुल्क उपलब्ध करण्यात आला आहे, असे सुधीर कदम म्हणाले. ‘मॅजिकच्या माध्यमातूनही नवउद्योजकांना मार्गदर्शन होणार आहे. सोळा आठवड्यांच्या प्रशिक्षण सहभागाकरिता  या संकेतस्थळावर फॉर्म भरावा.

Times of India


Marathwada Accelerator for Growth and Incubation Council (MAGIC) and Garje Marathi Global sign MOU

Marathwada Accelerator for Growth and Incubation Council (MAGIC) Aurangabad is Business Incubator (BI), Recognized by Maharashtra State Innovation Society (MSInS), Government of Maharashtra. MAGIC is also approved Host Institute/Business Incubator under Scheme to Support Entrepreneurial and Managerial Development of MSMEs through Incubators, Ministry of MSME, Govt, of India.

Sincere thanks to Ashish Garde for taking the lead and making this possible.

Parle Tilak Vidyalaya Association PTVA

Garje Marathi Global and Parle Tilak Vidyalaya Association sign MOU:

Thanks to GMG’s Sanjeev Brahme, Sameer Padhye and PTVA’s Dr Sucheta Pawar and Ridhima.

Very special thanks to Vice Chancellor Dr. Snehalata Deshmukh for her guidance and blessings.

GMG and SGGS Nanded Sign MOU

Garje Marathi Global and Shri Guruji Gobind Singhji Institute of Engineering and Technology (SGGSIET), Nanded sign MOU.

Special thanks to Director Prof. Yashawant Joshi and Suhas Gajre Ph.D. (IIT Delhi) Dean (Incubation) and Dean (Procurement)  Professor, Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engg.

GMG and SPPU join hands


Excellent meeting with Pune University Vice Chancellor  Dr. Nitin R Karmalkar and Dr. Apoorva Palkar Director Innovation, Incubation & Linkages. GMG is getting connected with E-content Development And Learning Innovation Centre and with 870 colleges of SSUP

Very sincere thanks to Dr. Karmalkar and Dr. Apoorva Palkar, director-Innovation, Incubation& Linkages ,Savitribai Phule Pune University at Savitribai Phule Pune University

Vice Chancellor Prof Nitin R Karmalkar is a well known scientist in the field of Igneous petrology. He currently is working as Professor in Department of Geology and Head of Department of Environmental Science at SP Pune University, India. He also works as Director, IQAC and has been motivating academicians for embellishments towards quality assurance. This provides him with blend of strong academic/research experience with administrative expertise.


Gautam Thakur

Graciously accept to join Garje Marathi Global as an Advisor, Mentor

*“Thank you Shri. Gautam Thakur, Chairman Saraswat Cooperative Bank Ltd., for graciously accepting to assist, guide and mentor Garje Marathi Global”*
Shri Gautam E. Thakur is B.E. (Civil) from Pune University. He also holds Diploma in Financial Management from IMDR, Pune. He has attended Management Development Programmes at IIM, Ahmedabad in the field of Strategy.
He has been successfully heading National School of Banking (NSB), the pioneering and premier private training Institute in the field of Banking and Finance, since last sixteen years. Since its establishment in 1978, during the last 35 years NSB has helped more than 85,000 students to secure jobs in the banking industry and has trained more than 3, 55,000 students. He has rich extensive experience in the field of Residential, Commercial and Industrial Construction. He has completed several prestigious projects in Mumbai, Pune and Goa through his firm ‘NSB Properties’.


GIST : Aahaar Kranti

Global Indian Scientists and Technocrats GIST and Garje Marathi to collaborate for AAHAAR KRANTI initiative

GMG’s Dr. Anita Kant met GIST Team (Global Indian Scientists and Technocrats Forum) to understand to plan participation in Aahaar Kranti initiative. “Dr. Yelloji Mirajkar - Hindu University of America and Nandkumar Palkar for inviting GMG to join this amazing initiative.

GMG Talk  Dr. Sucheta Pawar

Dr. Sucheta Pawar is a doctorate in Agriculture and Environmental Economics, academician for 25 years and First-Generation Entrepreneur. Prabhakar Kulkarni PhD. Hong Kong,

Dr. Manoj has been very supportive of GMG and leads GMG Hong Kong Chapter

How to Become a scientist

Pallavi Limaye PhD DABT Director Scientific  Consulting , Udayan Apte PhD DABT Associate Professor University of Kansas Medical Center

For details about this initiative by Garje Marathi Global

Meenaltai Mohadikar

Joins Board of Director Garje Marathi Global Foundation.

Meenaltai Mohadikar

'Aamhi Udyogini Prathishthan' is a trust established 20 Years back on 8th March 1997. This organization was formed with the sole intention of women empowerment, a dream and vision of our founder member Mrs. Meenal Mohadikar who is the backbone of this movement.

'Aamhi Udyogini' was a small pod then, which has now turned into a huge tree under the guidance of great entrepreneurs & Businessmen like Shri V.V.Deshpande. Smt.Rajani Danadekar, Mr. Pradeep Varma, Smt. Pushpa Trilokekar & Many More.

The head office of 'Aamhi Udyogini' is situated at Dadar (W) Mumbai with its branches spread at New Mumbai, Kalyan, Borivali, Thane, Goregaon, Pune, Nasik, Ratnagiri, Aurangabad and Dubai.

It is said that if a woman gets educated, her whole house gets educated, likely if a women becomes an entrepreneur, then her entire family gets influenced by her skills.

'Aamhi Udyogini' firmly believes that all ladies have qualities & potential for starting a business, only thing needed is to find the hidden qualities & nurture them from business point of view & this is what we strive for.

'Aamhi Udyogini' organizes various programs like

  • Which business to choose?
  • What are the training facilities available for it?
  • How to market your product?
  • How to advertise and Package your product?
  • Where to get financial help?
  • "Udyogache Tantra Aani Mantra"
  • Entrepreneurs Development Program (1 month certified course)
  • "Mala Udyojak Vhaychay!"
  • B2B Meetings at Dubai & Fujairah
  • Industrial Visit at Ichalkaranji
  • Business Educational visit at Jaipur

In the month of March it organizes 'Aamhi Udyogini State Level Conference for Women Entrepreneurs' which draws tremendous response. Women from all over Maharashtra come to attend this seminar, to get motivated & gain knowledge from eminent personalities who grace the occasion. On this day we also give awards to 5 Women Entrepreneurs from Mumbai, Konkan, Vidarbha, Marathwada & West Maharashtra respectively for their work done.

'Aamhi Udyogini' acts as a platform for women to establish their business and expand it. This is achieved by organizing various discussions, meetings , seminars, free counseling, study tours & personal guidance.

These women members meet on a regular basis to share their ideas and thoughts and also learn about the new opportunities.

We also publish a quarterly magazine called 'Aamhi Udyogini' which covers various success stories of women in different fields.

Obviously all this work cannot be done single handedly & it's a team work & efforts put in by the whole staff & the branches , under the guidance & leadership of the president & founder Member Meenal Mohadikar who herself is an institution. Not only she has immense knowledge but also has the zest to see more women progressing & standing up on their feet & be more independent.

Mrs. Meenal Mohadikar has completed 25 years of her business. She has an event organizing company which organizes exhibition under the name Consumers Shoppee all over Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka & UAE. She was the president of Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce Industries & Agriculture(MACCIA), a 80 years old organization. In this span of 80 years, she being the 1st Lady President. Currently she is the Vice President of Maharashtra Economic Development Council (MEDC). She has also received various awards for her noble work.

The goal of 'Aamhi Udyogini' is to make women educated as well strive hard to gain success through dedication & determination and to follow her dreams.

Sanjay Paithankar Dr.

A philanthropist in UAE, supplies free oxygen cylinders back home


Dubai: Rising to the need of the hour, an Indian expatriate has organised several container loads of oxygen cynlinders and concetrators, approximately worth over Dh1 million, for India, free of cost.

Dr Sanjay Paithankar, a dedicated doctor and philanthropist from the UAE, has shipped about 600 oxygen concentrators and 200 cylinders with medical oxygen in the first consigment that is likely to reach the Indian shores in the next 15 days. Of these, about 150 oxygen concentrators have been air-lifted and will reach Nagpur by May 8.

Speaking to Gulf News about his Save India mission, Dr Paithankar said, “As soon as I heard about the oxygen shortage in my home town Nagpur and the Vidarbha region in Maharastra, I decided to reach out to like-minded friends there to see how we could all help. The response was quick and magnanimous and many contributed generously. In fact, one wealthy buinsessman who wished to remain anonymous, contributed 250 concentrators, in this consignment,” said Dr Paithankar who has personally chipped in a sum of Dh200,000 to organise the concentrators and cylinders.

Since there is a shortage of concetrators and oxygen cylinders, sourcing them was a challenge. Dr Paithankar said, “I decided to source the cylinders and concentrators from around the world to reach India as quickly as possible. I was finally able to source these in China and the first consignment will be in Mumbai via Thailand and Singapore in the next 15 days. For the next batches, I am working to air-lift the cargo for quicker delivery and these efforts are ongoing. I have started this work and will do my best to serve my motherland to the best of my capacity,” said Dr Paithankar, who has spent three decades in the UAE. A large portion of thisn period has been dedicated to providing affordable health care to the underprivileged in the UAE.

Reaching out to the sick and needy

A recipient of the 10-year Golden Visa, Dr Paithankar is the managing director of Right Health Group that provides affordable health care to the doorstep of the labour workforce of UAE with over the clinics across Dubai and Northern Emirates. By charging a subsidised price for consultation, treatment and medicines in the last 32 years, he has made it possible for blue-collar workers to get complete access to quality health care within their basic health insurance. Where the worker is unable to meet the expense of co-payment, Dr Paithankar has never turned away a worker from getting the medical help he requires.

Battling early COVID-19 transmission

During the earliest phase of the outbreak of COVID-19 in the UAE in March 2020, Dr Paithankar and his health care team played a very crucial role by organising free screening camps for all blue collar workers to prevent transmisison and spread of the disease.

In the earliest stages when people in the UAE were still discovering the lethal impact of the COVID-19, Dr Paithankar joined hands with the Dubai Health Authority and Dubai Police to assist them in screening all blue collar workers. It was a mammoth task which required a lot of manpower as several thousand blue collar workes, the weakest chain in the link, had to be screened, diagnosed, quarnatined or hosptialised.

COVID-19 screening

DHA and Dubai Police had set up medical screening camps near various labour camps in early March 2020. At such a juncture, when there was strong need for health care workers to step up and come forward to offer their services, one man decided to brush aside all other concerns for self-preservation and collaborate extensively and unconditionally with the government.

With clinics located close to all labour camps, Dr Paithankar and health care workers had the best accessibility and reach to the workers. “This was my way of giving back to the UAE, a country that has given me so much in the last three decades. I decided to collaborate with the government and offer my services right away as DHA and Dubai Police set up the screening tents near the labour camps at Dubai Investment Park, Jebel Ali, Al Quoz and right up to the emirate of Ajman in all our 25 Right Health clinics.”

This was a nascent period when information about the virus was still very limited. Dr Paithankar added, “At that moment, we had no idea of how lethal the virus was and we were using the basic protective equipment. We would screen all those who came with symptoms of cough, cold and fever. Those who fit the profile of being infected with COVID-19 were sent for testing to DHA designated centres. We worked closely with the authorities and were screening up to 3,500 workers per day. Of these, nearly 200-300 were sent for RT-PCR testing as in those days, the PCR test was a new diagnostic tool and was limited to a few places. At all the camps, we were putting in long hours during the earliest days of the pandemic. I had recruited extra staff and cancelled annual leave of all my staff and we were putting in over 14 hours of work per day, from 9am to 11pm,” recounted the doctor.

Controlling community transmissions

It was this rapid screening, segregation and isolation which proved to be very effective in those early days in controlling community transmission rates. In the next three months, as the government set up field hospitals, designated hotels etc, it became easier to grade patients into mild, moderate and severe cases. Those who had mild conditions could isolate at hotel rooms, while those who were moderately affected were sent to field hospitals and those who were in severe or critical conditions and required ventilator support were admitted into the COVID-19 Intensive Care Units of hospitals. However, early mass testing of blue-collar workers went a long way in containing the infection rate.

Over 300,000 workers screened from March-May 2020, free of cost

“In those three months from March to May 2020, we helped screen over 300,000 blue collar workers across all our 25 clinics and about five per cent of these required hospital admissions,” added Dr Paithankar.

Today, with the worst of the pandemic behind him, Dr Paithankar and his team continues to serve the workers with heavily subsidised health packages. “We try to make the entire package as affordable to the worker without compromising on the quality of service. From consultation to diagnostics to medication, we provide packages from Dh9 to Dh120, all-inclusive. In most cases, the workers’ Essential Basic Plan (EBP) is able to cover this cost. Wherever we find workers unable to pay, because they are in between jobs or their health insurance has expired, I never charge them at all. I let them avail the treatment and I must commend the integrity of these workers who actually always make it a point to come and repay their outstanding amount whenever they are reinstated into jobs or have the money,” said Dr Paithankar.

Right Health is able to cater to about 100,000 workers per month and about 1.2 million annually, at the moment. “We aim to work more efficiently and take this number up to 1.8 million by 2022,” explained Dr Paithankar.

“The doctors who we hire have a vast body of experience and are experts at taking detailed case histories and prescribing only tests that are essential. In fact, we monitor the number of tests a doctor prescribes and incentivise those who have success with patients with lower number of prescribed tests. This helps in keeping the cost down. We try and offer all other subsidies that accrue to us as a group to the workers. This has worked to the benefit of workers,” added Dr Paithankar.

All-woman pharmacy at Muhaisnah

The group has also set up an all-women pharmacy in Muhaisnah, Dubai, this month. “We decided to have this all-woman pharmacy as we realised that many female workers employed in hotels, saloons etc had several inhibitions discussing their health care issues with male pharmacists. Providing female pharmacists has helped these female workers to share their health issues and be more open about seeking medical help. We have a female service staff of five, two in the morning and two in the evening. The pharmacy is open right from 7am up to 11pm,” said Dr Paithankar.

Sanjay Paithankar, a doctor and philanthropist who settled in Dubai several decades ago, has organised oxygen concentrators and cylinders worth 2.5 lakh dollars to be shipped to Nagpur over by 08 May 2021.


“I formed a WhatsApp group of Indians in Dubai to see how we can help our city of origin…Several people magnanimously responded and we have organised 600 oxygen concentrators and 200 cylinders, which will be together worth 2.5 lakh dollars, including shipment charges,” Paithankar said

Listen to Dr. Sanjay Paithankar :

Sanjeev Brahme

Charitable Trusts and Taxation


Sanjeev Brahme: Virtual Refresher Course on NGOs & Charitable Organizations 26th May 2021

Sanjeev Brahme’s  presentation on Charitable trust and taxation on 26th May at Western India Regional Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. There was attendance of 450 CAs from Maharashtra, Goa, and Gujrath

Sanjeev Brahme is Founder- Director of Garje Marathi Global Foundation , section 8 company.

Sudhir Kadam

*Everything that every Startup Entrepreneur should know about Funding*   
To mark the beginning of association between Garje Marathi Global and Savitribai Phule Pune University Sudhir Kadam’s talk on “UNDERSTANDING STARTUP FUNDING”
Special thanks to Vice Chancellor Dr. Nitin Karmalkar and Dr. Apoorva Palkar Director Innovation, Incubation & Linkages SPPU for being so supportive in creating an association between GMG and SPPU. 
Sudhir Kadam, Garje Marathi’s advisor-mentor is member of GMG Core Team. He is brain, main force behind formation of Garje Marathi Global Innovation Academy.

Yogesh Virkar

Accepting a job offer with a German company to work in India – My Reflections

In 2006, I completed my master’s degree in Mechatronics from University of Siegen in Germany. After working for 20 months in Germany, I decided to work for a German company as Operations Manager to set up their manufacturing facility for producing a wide variety of metal false ceilings and lighting systems.

Here are some of my key learnings:

  • The sheer thrill of getting to do something I had never done before motivated me to take up this opportunity to challenge myself. Just the thought of the multi-disciplinary requirements and the underlying knowhow necessary to establish a manufacturing unit was daunting.
  • I focused on preparing a high-level overview of the deliverables for every department and breaking it down into manageable tasks which could then be delegated further and executed.
  • As an Indian who studied in Germany, when I went back to India to work for a German organization, I played many roles besides the official job title.
  • The key advantage for me was an early start at a managerial role with a German organization.
  • Key challenge: setting up a business as per the German standards in Haryana.
  • Key achievement:
    • I set up the manufacturing facility and made it fully functional over a span of 7 years with a team of 30 people + 10 contract laborers.
    • I joined back the parent company in Germany.

After working in Germany, if you are thinking of working in India (short or long term), go for it. It could be an enriching experience for you as well as our motherland.

Yogesh Mohan Virkar