Certificate Course on Supply Chain Management

Certificate Course on Supply Chain Management

Offered by Garje Marathi Innovation Academy

Supply Chain Management (SCM) – Why, What and How

Purpose: The purpose of this course is to introduce

  • Scope and complexity in Supply chain Management (SCM)
  • Skills required, Learning options and career opportunities in SCM
  • Basic functions and specialized areas in SCM

Application form :

Target Audience -    Graduate/PG Students (preferably 3rd or 4th year students from engineering, management, social science faculties) 

  • People with 0 to 3 years of experience and wish to pursue career in SCM
  • People who are interested to know about the SCM

The course will be divided in 3 modules:

Module 1: Why? - Introduction to SCM - Knowing about SCM

  • Importance of the SCM in day-to-day life
  • Scope and complexity in supply chains 
  • Learning options in SCM
  • Opportunities - Career Paths - in SCM
  • Skills and competencies for SCM

Module 2: What? - SCM functions and basic concepts  

  • Strategic sourcing – Source to contract
  • Procurement / Purchasing -  Procure to pay
  • Planning - Forecasting & Demand Management
  • Supply Chain in IT World – Tools and Techniques
  • Operations management – Lean to OR
  • Supplier Quality Management
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Logistics & Warehouse Management

Module 3: SCM – How? - Industry and Business Perspective

  • Supply Chain Strategy, Vision and Mission
  • Make vs Buy
  • Product Life Cycle Management
  • Supply Planning – Long Term and Short Term; MRP
  • Continuous improvement in Supply chain process – Lean, TOC
  • Project Management & Project procurement 
  • Financial aspects in Supply chain management
  • Material cost - challenges and opportunities
  • Digitalization of supply chain process
  • Risk management and sustainability at suppliers
  • Compliance and ethics in supply chain

Structure of each session

Each session will be of 90 minutes through online mode (ZOOM/Google Meet)

  • Introduction               -              15 minutes
  • Main topic                  -              45 minutes
  • Q & A                            -              15 minutes
  • Assignment/CS         -              15 minutes 

Duration of the course will be of 3 months and will have 12 sessions divided into 3 modules.

Course will be conducted on-line.

Timing: Module 1 will start on 16 Oct 21 – Saturday at India time 7.30 PM. First module will have 2 sessions:  16 Oct and 23 Oct.

Module 2 will start on 6 Nov and will have tentatively 4 sessions (every week)

Module 3 will tentatively start on Dec 04 and will have 6 sessions. 

Format of each session:

  1. The presentation format will be as follows: Casual conversation among three presenters discussing each of the topics, telling their experiences and introducing SCM concepts.
  2. Videos and slides will be played in the background of this conversation.
  3. The session will be made as interactive as possible.
  4. Handouts will be provided to students at the end of the session
  5. Assignments: Quizzes for key concepts, Case studies (max 2 pages for next session discussion), In-course polls, declare best participation award etc.

Program Tutors

Dr. Manoj Kulkarni  DAB, Head of Corporate Supply Chain, Johnson Electric, Hong Kong 

Kedar  Palsule, CSCP, PMP,  Logistics Operations Manager, Applied Materials, United State

Mohan Wagh, Regional Supply Planner, Syngenta, Manchester, United Kingdom.

We may invite guest lecturers for some sessions.


The tutors will evaluate the participants based on their participation in the discussion, submission of assignments, and interest in the subject throughout the course.

The best participant will be announced at the end of second and third module.  

The certificate of participation and completion will be issued by Garje Marathi Global Innovation Academy.

Introduction of program coordinators of GMG-SCM course

  • Dr. Manoj Kulkarni: Dr. Manoj is working as Head of Corporate Supply Chain for Johnson Electric, Hong Kong based manufacturing company which is the leader in Micro-motors, Motion Sub-systems. He has worked for Mahinda and Mahindra, Emerson Electric, Rosemount Measurement, Ford Motor Company. He has more than 30 years of experience in supply chain (Approx. 10 years each for Indian, American and Chinese company.) His main expertise in establishing supply chain offices from scratch or converting them in an efficient organization – for domestic / MNCs , for small / large companies, in India / China.

He has delivered lectures on Chinese economy as well as Chinese industry and culture in Management school in India; acted as the judge for SIFE Competition at regional and national level in China and is mentoring young professionals in supply chain management.  

He established Marathi Mandal in Dahiasr, Mumbai in 2002; was president of Shanghai Maharashtra Mandal (2010-12) and then of Hong Kong Maharashtra Mandal (2015- 2020). He has started new group of Maharashtra mandals in East Asia “marathi@purvabandh” from May 1, 2019 and is establishing Garje Marathi Chapter in Hong Kong.

  • Kedar Palusle: Kedar has worked in automotive supply chains, 3PLs; managed 3PLs; now in semiconductor supply chain. He was part of Lean Turnaround of 2PL. He currently transitioned from operations management to network optimization which includes transportation optimization, warehouse layout optimization, digital twins, simulation etc. He graduated in electronics engineering from Pune University and then did his Masters in ISyE from Georgia institute of technology. He worked in automotive components manufacturing industry in logistics & supply chain for several companies like Faurecia, SAS and Adient before he switched verticals to get into semiconductor industry with Applied Materials.
  • Mohan Wagh: Mohan is currently working at Syngenta (UK) as Regional Supply Ops Planner. He has earlier experience of working in Essel Propack as supply chain manager and in Asian paints as planning officer. He is studied BE in Chemical Engineering and also completed courses such as Diploma Materials Management. CPSM- ISM USA,  CPIM- ASM – USA.

Every Saturday 7.30 to 9.00PM India time starting from 16 October 2021

Duration of the course 3 months (12 sessions of 90 minutes each divided into 3 modules)

Module 1: Why? Introduction to SCM - Knowing about SCM: 2 sessions

Module 2: What? SCM functions and basic concepts: 4 sessions

Module 3: How? Industry and Business Perspective: 6 sessions