77 Seconds are enough


77 Seconds are enough to set up a movement if heart in right place!

Padma Vibhushan Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar, is our Mentor, guide since our inception and every major action by us is undertaken with his guidance or is inspired by his wise words.

On 01 August 2020, we celebrated our third anniversary. Padma Vibhushan Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar and Padma Vibhushan Dr. Avinash Dixit had graced the occasion by their presence as the Chief Guests.

During his speech Padma Vibhushan Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar, mentioned an incidence where an economically weak father had to sell his cow, the only means of his livelihood so that he could buy a Smartphone for his daughter’s online education that has become a new normal during Covid-19 Pandemic  ( You may listen to Padma Vibhushan Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar YouTube From 10 minutes 35 seconds to 11 minutes 52 seconds)

These ‘77’ seconds inspired many and I got a number of phone calls wishing to donate their old smartphones. 

Garje Marathi Global thought of taking this one step forward and we have embarked on a very ambitious social initiative, ‘Saksham’/ सक्षम (Enabled).

Concept note on Garje Marathi project “Saksham”

Main Framework

1.      Good intention of providing support to the deserving students in Maharashtra India to learn online from their homes/study centers using mobility devices even when normalcy returns post Covid-19.   


2.    On 01 August each year for coming four years, we shall give free of charge 25000 Laptops to deserving students.

a)   Before end of 2020 , we shall run the program on a trial basis in 15 Schools of Chhatrapati Shikshan Mandal, SGGS College of Engineering and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad.

3.    Giving Laptops is not the purpose of ‘Saksham’ but it is the means for the main purpose which is imparting knowledge, education free of cost to deserving students. We shall stay in touch with the recipients and our ‘Mentors’ will guide them via regular webinars, tutorials. 

4.    Selection of the students will be done on the basis of 10th and 12 th standard results and economic status of the student’s family (BPL Certificate, Under privileged as per NFSA 2013).

5.     All deserving students from the state of Maharashtra will be eligible irrespective of Caste, religion or language.

Supporting Framework:

1.      Manage expenses and availability of appropriate Data Plan for sufficient period

2.    Prevent the misuse of internet by students apart from educational contents

3.    The access and availability of good quality sufficient educational contents

4.    Development of multimedia contents based on local context, syllabus and syllabus Access and availability of Open Education Resources (OER) on their mobility device

5.     Maintenance, security and safety of mobility devices

6.    Include the Operating system (with updates), Word processors (MS OFFICE, etc.) with a perpetual license, Adobe,  Antivirus/internet security with a perpetual license,  Software and hardware maintenance/troubleshooting etc.

7.     Pre-loaded digital resources/content to avoid data dependency Both in English and Marathi

8.    Form a system to provide guidance, counseling and mentoring to students with difficulties Training to be given to teachers to provide good quality lessons-Contents-hand holding on these devices. Association with good local teachers who can guide, mentor and develop contents This will kick off the production of quality local contents.

9.    Identify Execution partners and NGOs as partners in India

10.                        Highly scalable central cloud base service portal

11.  Bulk connection engagement with top Telecom operators

12.Local device manufacturers and OEM suppliers: Import kits and assemble in India.

Financials/ Budget

A)  Indian Rs. 25.0Cr each year ( Rs. 10000 per laptop X 25000 Laptops ) + / - 10%

B)   First ‘2’ year requirement: Indian Rs. 50. Cr.

C)   Garje Marathi members will raise Indian Rs. 10.00 Cr. ( Arun Joshi from Portland USA has pledged Indian Rs. 1.00Cr. + another 2.00 Crs. from two more donors are most likely to get confirmed soon) and remaining 40 Cr. From Industry, business houses, Global companies like Google, FaceBook, Microsoft, Apple, Reliance etc. .

'Saksham' initiaitve will be managed by Garje Marathi Global Foundation, a company registered under Section ’8’ Indian Companies Act, 2013.  Sanjeev Brahme, Sanjay Dhavalikar and Anand Ganu are on the board of Garje Marathi global Foundation. 

Our phone conversation with the heads of many educational institutions including engineering colleges from interior of Maharashtra indicated that around 30% students from these institutions are without Smartphone or Laptops.

We will announce the initiative सक्षम on the most auspicious day Dasera Sunday 25 October 2020

With Sincere Regards

Anand Ganu +1 7327897130