Padmashree Professor (Dr). Ganpati Yadav

B.Chem. Eng. Ph.D. (Tech.), D.Sc. (Hon. Causa, DYPK), FTWAS, FNA, FASc, FNASc, FNAE, FRSC (UK), FISTE, FIChemE (UK), FIIChE, FICS

Garje Marathi is blessed to have Prof. Ganapati D. Yadav as our ‘Guide- Mentor’ ( )


J.C. Bose  National Fellow (Govt. of India)

Former Vice Chancellor and R.T. Mody Distinguished Professor and Tata Chemicals Darbari Seth Distinguished Professor of Innovation and Leadership


Padmashri Awardee

Conjoint Professor, University of New Castle, Australia

Adjunct Professor, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada

Adjunct Professor, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

Founding Chair, ACS India International Chapter

President, Maharashtra Academy of Sciences

Former President, Catalysis Society of India

Former President, Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers

Council Member, Indian National Science Academy (2019-)

In top 0.2% of researchers in Physical Chemistry in the World, at No. 66 (Stanford Uni Nov 2020)

Total No. of Ph .D.s guided as a single supervisor December 15,  2020): 101

• From 2012 onwards- All degrees awarded by ICT, Mumbai as a separate Deemed University (39)

• From 1991-2011- All degrees awarded by University of Mumbai; the entire work was done at UDCT/UICT as integral part of University of Mumbai (62)



  1. 1991 Sagar A. Trailokya  Novel techniques of enhanced/improved oil recovery: Mechanisms and applications to Indian reservoirs
  2. 1992 Pramod S.  Kumbhar  Catalytic hydrogenation of carbonyl compounds: (a) role of metal support interaction  and catalysts, (b) theoretical aspects of metal catalysis  
  3. 1992 K. C. Narayan    Pore structure, reactivity and fractal properties of Indian coals: Analysis by mercury porosimetry, gas adsorption and computer vision
  4. 1992 Manoj R. Kharkar Studies in catalytic hydrogenations:  (98) bimetallic catalysts, (b) metal support interaction
  5. 1993 K. N. Subramanian  Enhanced oil recovery: effect of wettability and pore structure of natural cores and artificial  cores
  6. 1993 Pranav H. Mehta  Solid acid and phase transfer catalysis  
  7. 1993 Ashok B. Dixit  Pore structure and network 1co-frien: Reservoir rocks, catalysts and reactions
  8. 1993 Bhagyashree  V. Haldavanekar (now Dixit) Supported catalysis: Phase transfer and acid catalysis
  9. 1994 Tushar S. Thorat Heterogeneous catalytic reactions: Preparation of solid acids and superacids
  10. 1994 Mushtaq M.B. Mogal  Multiphase reactions: (a) 1co-frien and simulation of absorption of chlorine in aqueous calcium hydroxide slurries:  desorption of hypochlorous acid gas, (b) theoretical and experimental analysis of selectivity in catalytic oxidation of benzyl ether  to benzaldehyde by using NOx
  11. 1995 Nagarajan Kirthivasan Heterogeneous catalysis: Preparation, characterisation and application            (adjudged as the Best Thesis amongst 42 theses submitted in the UDCT during 1995-96)  
  12. 1995 Jaideep J. Jadhav Coal utilisation processes: Synthesis and performance evaluation of carbon molecular sieves and engineered composite media in catalytic reactions
  13. 1995 Deepak V. Satoskar Synthesis of aldehydes and their derivatives
  14. 1998 Suguna S. Naik Insights into catalysis: Multiphase transfer catalysis  
  15. 1998 M. S. Krishnan  (Krishnan Pillai) Heterogeneous catalysis in synthesis of organic reactions: synthesis and applications of mesopore zeolites & zeotypes (adjudged Best Thesis amongst 47  theses submitted in the UDCT during 1997-98)
  16. 1998 Nirav S. Doshi Catalytic reactions: Alkylations, oligomerizations and hydrogenations of industrial importance
  17. 1999 Jayesh J. Nair  Design and synthesis of catalysts and their applications: Eclectically engineered catalysts in the synthesis of organic chemicals
  18. 1999 Ajit A. Pujari  Catalytic organic reactions: Acid and phase transfer catalysis
  19. 1999 Sonali Sengupta Selectivity engineering via catalysis: Novelties of multi – phase transfer catalysis and cascade engineered phase transfer catalysis  
  20. 1999  K. Manjula Devi Catalysis in organic synthesis: Immobilised lipase catalysis in non-aqueous media in esterification, trans-esterification, and hydrolysis for production of fine chemicals  
  21. 2000 Cyrus K. Mistry   Selectivity engineering in catalytic reactions: Phase transfer catalysis in oxidation   reactions
  22. 2000 M.S.M. Mujeebur Rahuman Development of catalytic process for fine chemical manufacture    
  23. 2000 Ashutosh V. Joshi  Catalysis in the synthesis of pharmaceutical and bulk intermediates
  24. 2001 Yogeeta B. Jadhav  (now Akerkar) Insight into catalytic synthesis of fine chemicals
  25. 2001 Pradeep K. Goel Catalysis in organic synthesis    (adjudged as the Best Thesis amongst 47 theses submitted in  UDCT during 2001-02)
  26. 2002 Navinchandra S. Asthana   Forays into organic synthesis using catalysts
  27. 2002 Seetharaman Subramanian  New insight into catalytic application for pharmaceutical syntheses
  28. 2002 Haresh G.  Manyar Synthesis and applications of inorganic materials 
  29. 2004 Ambareesh D. Murkute Development of new materials and their applications   (adjudged as the Best Thesis amongst 54 theses submitted in  UDCT during 2004-05)
  30. 2004 Priyal  M.  Bisht Catalytic organic synthesis of industrial relevance
  31. 2004 Ramesh D. Bhagat Selectivity science and engineering
  32. 2004 Suraj A.  Purandare Insight into eco-friendly catalytic processes
  33. 2004 Sanket  S. Salgaonkar Prowess of modelling and simulation to develop 3cofriendly processes and   products
  34. 2004 Piyush S. Lathi Insight into biochemical processes for pharmaceutical and fine chemical  industries
  35. 2005 Sharad V. Lande Catalysis in multiphase reactions of industrial relevance        (adjudged as the Best Thesis amongst 53  theses submitted in ICT during 2005-06)
  36. 2005 Ganesh S. Pathare Insight of catalysis in green chemical processes
  37. 2005 Neesha M. Desai   New concepts in waste minimization, green chemistry and technology
  38. 2005 Umesh P. Gaikwad  Design, development and applications of novel catalysts for industrial processes
  39. 2005 Ginish George   Insight into nanocatalysis for industrial processes
  40. 2006 J. Leo Ceasar Cascade engineered catalysis and green chemistry 
  41. 2006 Ashwini D. Sajgure Biotechnological applications in pharmaceutical industry
  42. 2006 Shrikant B. Dhoot  Biotransformations  of industrial relevance
  43. 2007 Omprakash V. Badure Waste minimization and selectivity engineering aspects of   green and benign processes
  44. 2007 Smruti P. Tekale Design and synthesis of inherently safer chemicals via green  processes
  45.  2007 Aduri Pavankumar Insight into catalytic green chemistry and technology  of  industrial  relevance
  46. 2008 Bhavana  G. Motirale Selectivity engineering in the synthesis of fine chemicals 
  47. 2008 Indrakant V. Borkar Insight into industrially relevant bioprocesses 
  48.  2008 Shashikant B. Kamble Development of  commercially relevant   green processes for  alkylation reactions for  fine chemical industry
  49.  2008 Vijay V. Bokade Heteropolyacids and their modified versions as catalysts for development of benign processes 
  50.  2009 Rajubhai  K. Mewada Insight into green processes of  industrial relevance
  51.  2009 Anup A. Kadam New catalysts and processes for sustainable chemical    technologies 
  52.  2009 Rajesh  V. Rajeshirke Synthesis of commercial molecules  through green    chemistry
  53. 2009 Ashish R.  Mishra   Friedel–Crafts chemistry for green  synthesis of  pharmaceutical intermediates 
  54.  2009 Rajesh V. Sharma Renewable resources as feedstock for green   synthesis of value added  chemicals
  55.  2009 Suresh S. Jain Benign chemical synthesis: role of water, microwave irradiation and phase transfer catalysis
  56.  2009 Santosh R. More Synthesis, characterization and applications of novel solid acids in fine chemicals and pharmaceutical industries
  57.  2011 Payal A. Chandan Waste minimization strategies with novel catalysis and  green chemistry 
  58.  2011  P.R. Sowbna Insight into multiphase reactions using catalysis, micromodels and microwaves 
  59.  2011 Jyoti B. Sontakke Enzymatic catalysis  for synthesis as well as  separation of chiral compounds using conventional and unconventional techniques
  60. 2011 Ashwini B. Nirukhe Insight into hydrogen production by inorganic cycle and  its storage on nanomaterials
  61. 2011 Prakash  Parhad Fundamentals of hydrogen production using cu-cl cycle
  62.  2012 Devendra  P.  Tekale Production of value-added chemicals from renewable resources using green chemistry     


  1.  2012 Prasad S. Surve Synthesis characterization and application of novel nanocatalysts
  2.  2013 Devendran Saravanan Selectivity engineering in biotransformation of industrial relevance
  3.  2013 Sandeep V. Pawar Selectivity engineering in pharmaceutical and API synthesis using enzymatic reactions
  4.  2013 Akhilesh R. Yadav Synthesis, characterization and applications of microporous and  mesoporous materials and nanocatalysts   (Adjudged as the Best Ph.D. (Sci.) thesis in ICT submitted in 2013)
  5.   2013 Suresh M. Doke Synthesis and applications of nanomaterials
  6.  2013 Somnath  D. Shinde Chemo and biocatalysis in synthesis of valuable intermediates and drugs
  7.  2014 Suraj O. Katole Green and clean bioglycerol based chemicals and their derivatives
  8.   2014 Gajanan   B.  Kunde Synthesis of nano-materials and membranes for separation and catalysis
  9.   2014 Moreshwar P. Hude Utilization of renewable resources for the production of biofuels, bioenergy and biopharmaceuticals 
  10.  2014 Mandar  G. Kulkarni  (Deceased in May 2018) Applications of phase transfer catalysis in multiphasic green reactions
  11.  2014 Rahul   P.   Kumbhar Functionalised and tailored nanoparticles as catalysts in organic transformations
  12.  2014 Godfree P. Fernandes Green chemistry & sustainable processes based on biomass
  13. 2014 Pooja  Ashish Thorat Novel approaches in biopharmaceutical synthesis and separation
  14. 2015 Prasad V. Mandade Evaluating the life cycle environmental and economic aspects of tropical biofuels
  15. 2015 Saurabh C. Patankar  Novelties in cascade engineered catalytic reactions
  16.  2015 Satish K. Kabra Sustainable catalytic syntheses of chemicals using carbon dioxide as feedstock
  17.  2015 Manishkumar S. Tiwari Selectivity engineering in organic synthesis using mono and multifunctional catalysts
  18.  2015 Bapu A.  Gawade Design and development of novel catalytic processes for fine chemical industry
  19. 2015 Akhil V. Nakhate Synthesis of bio-active molecules using heterogeneous catalysis
  20.  2016 Shivaji L. Bhanawase Valorization of biomass into chemicals using heterogeneous catalysis      
  21. 2016 Jeetendra Y. Salunkhe Waste minimisation through development of novel catalytic process
  22.  2016 Anil  B. Gawade Valorization of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural by green    processes
  23.   2017 Kalpesh H. Bhadra Green processes for industrially important   phenolics and fine chemicals
  24.  2017 Manoj P. Kamble Selectivity engineering in synthesis of biotechnological products and pharmaceutical intermediates
  25.  2017 Kalidas B. Rasal Insight into catalysis in utilization of carbon dioxide into chemicals and solvents
  26.  2017 Gunjan P. Deshmukh Green synthesis of agrochemicals 
  27.  2017 Jayaram Molleti Design and synthesis of safer chemicals by benign green routes
  28.  2017 Deepali B. Magadum Selectivity engineering of enzymes in synthesis of industrially relevant chemicals
  29. 2017 Pooja R. Tambe  Sustainable catalytic syntheses of chemicals using carbon dioxide as feedstock
  30.   2018 Pravin D. Patil Microbial assisted valorization of lignins: Use of  white-rot fungi and laccases
  31.  2018 Dhiraj O. Katole Design and synthesis of safer chemicals for commercial  applications using novel strategies
  32.  2019 Kalpesh V. Bhavsar White biotechnology and applications of  green chemistry in environmental and fine chemical industries
  33.  2019 Radhika S. Malkar Fundamental and experimental analysis of cascade engineered catalytic reactions of speciality chemicals
  34.  2019 Ashish D. Shejale Sustainable hydrogen production from various biomass derived feedstock  using steam reforming: Effect of support and multi-metallic compositions on activity and selectivity profiles
  35.  2019 Amarsinh L. Jadhav Modified hydrotalcites with zinc and titanium: Influence of combustion synthesis method  on activity and selectivity of industrially relevant reactions
  36.  2020 Harshada M. Salvi Process intensification using biocatalysis in synthesis of fine chemicals
  37.  2020 Dipti P. Wagh Insight into Development of Green Processes for Fine Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries
  38. 2020 Devendra S. Pisal  Design and synthesis of multifunctional novel micro- and meso-porous catalysts for the synthesis of fine chemicals
  39.  2020 Kumudinee V. Marathe Life Cycle Assessment of Industrial Products and Process: A Scientific Approach to Sustainability



• Total No. of Masters Degrees Guided as a Single Supervisor (Feb 2020): 115

• Degrees Awarded by University of Mumbai (up to 2010) and by Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai from 2011-12 onwards