. Chitralekha Potnis declared International Brand Ambassador of Vidarbha Pride Book of Records

Mrs. Chitralekha Potnis declared International Brand Ambassador of Vidarbha Pride Book of Records and awarded with VPBR Social Reformer Award.

Garje Marathi Global, and Garje Marathi Toronto Chapter congratulates Chitralekha Potnis 

Chitralekha spent her childhood in Nagpur and from here B. Did the take. He worked as professor in various colleges in Nagpur, Pusad and Baroda. He moved to Toronto, Canada in 2003 He started his career as a professor and went through different stages. On the force of all these experiences, he founded his college. Today, he serves as President of Peel College of Professional Studies in Ontario, Canada.

Potnis has written about 52 research papers on various topics and has also worked as a consultant at various international conferences on engineering, education and management. He is also invited to give lectures in various institutions around the world including India and Canada.

Chitralekha Potnis was among the selected entrepreneurs selected by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India for Women Entrepreneur Training. She was an executive member of the Marathi Language Board in Toronto. To date, she has been awarded various awards. In 2018, she was awarded the Women's Hero of Education Award by the Indo-Canadian Arts and Culture Initiative. He was also honored by the House of Commons in Canada for his work. In addition, he was also honored by the government for his social service during COVID-19 He was awarded the prestigious Kotler Award at the World Marketing Summit last year.

Lack of employment and education makes it difficult for many women to stand on their feet. She has helped many Indian and foreign women who have come to Canada.

′′ There are many women who have been cheated and tortured by their husbands abroad. I educated them in my college and gave them a job.

But, Free never gave anything. Pay as much as you can for education, but the urge to do it builds self-esteem and confidence in them, ′′ That's my experience -- Chitralekha Potnis

′′ I try to educate and employ women to help them stand on their feet. Doing so, I make sure they are not overwhelmed. No matter how much needed, I never gave free education and a job without qualification. My constant effort is to make them feel the satisfaction of getting something on their own ′′

-- Chitralekha Potnis

Living in Baroda, Chitralekha started working on a project of UNICEF. The project was to bring street children and child workers into the stream of school education. While doing so, she came in contact with 13-14-year-old girls who were pushed into prostitution. Contacting these girls, convincing them and their parents, facilitating their education and earnings, explaining about the dangers of their work, she was active in such various things. Also, he worked for the education of child laborers.