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Garje Marathi Global is blessed to have the most revered Padma Vibhushan Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar as our chief mentor and guide. Guidance and inspiration from beacons of knowledge, optimism and patriotism is the driving force for GMG . An extreme optimist,
Dr. Mashelkar is a uniquely multifaceted, most respectful, renowned scientist.


Our Chapters

Garje Marathi local and regional chapters form connections between the Garje Marathi Global team and local communities across the world. They act as a platform for communication on Garje Marathi initiatives with local and regional stakeholders and promote Garje Marathi in the region where the chapter is operating.



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विश्वाच्या गाभारी ‘गर्जे मराठी’

भाग्य आपुले थोर म्हणुनी जाहलो मराठी
                विश्वाच्या गाभारी ‘गर्जे मराठी‘
छत्राखाली जमती सारे,अनिवासी मराठी
                    सहाय्य करुनी,नारा गर्जवू ‘गर्जे मराठी‘
                  ज्ञानोपासना,ज्ञानार्जन,ज्ञानदान ‘ त्रिसूत्रे बाणतो मराठी
                          संस्कारें आलंकृत असे,मायबोली अमुची मराठी
       महाराष्ट्राचे,मातृभूमीचे,ऋण फेडू या मायमराठी
                           पाऊल पुढे टाकुनी दावू ,झेंडा रोवूया ‘ गर्जे मराठी ‘

The synergetic network of Global Marathi excelling through Education,
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Table of Contents

"Business Opportunities By Mr. Anand Ganu, organized By MEDC, Aamhi Udyogini Pratisthan

Amhi Udyogini: Meenal Mohadikar

Amit Waikar: From Flavors of India & Fragrances of China

Amit Waikar builds Vasudaiva Kutumbakam across The Great Wall

Ashish Garde , MOU signed between GMG and MAGIC Aurangabad

Chitra Sawant’s Blog …. At Garje Marathi Global

Data Driven Digital Healthcare : Abhi Gholap

GMG Health & Pharma Technocrats Forum : Introduction by Dr. Anita Kant

For more details: https://www.garjemarathi.com/Blog/newsletter_details.php?newsletter=GMG-Health-and-Pharma-Technocrats-group

GMG Innovation Academy LaunchPad 03 April

GMG-IA Start-up Accelerator Program :

Higher Education in Germany.

In silico techniques for accelerating drug discovery : Sachin Patil

'INSPIRATION' Nitin Paranjpe

Introduction and Invitation to join Mission Garje Marathi Global

Mandar Bichhu, Sharjah Doctor creates a Tendulkar Museum

Manish Maloji Patil of Jugaadfunda and Garje Marathi Global enter cooperation pact.

Mentee Etiquette Involving Startups

Neha Virkar: Voluntary Community Interpreter in Germany

Sanjay Dhavalikar Jt Secretary HEF

Shirish Rangnekar Singapore: GMG-IA Start-up Accelerator Program :

Surviving A Statrtup : Steve Hoffman



"Business Opportunities By Mr. Anand Ganu, organized By MEDC, Aamhi Udyogini Pratisthan


The Maharashtra Economic Development Council (MEDC)  was established in 1957 with the participation of prominent chambers of commerce, businesses, and industry associations from Maharashtra to “facilitate rapid and balanced economic development of Maharashtra. Today it is prime institute making great social impact under leadership of Shri. Ravi Boratkar

'Aamhi Udyogini Prathishthan' is a trust established on 8th March 1997. This organization was formed with the sole intention of women empowerment, a dream and vision of  founder member Mrs. Meenaltai Mohadikar who is the backbone of this movement.

Garje Marathi is born with one and only aim of bringing together Global Marathi on one platform for cooperation in education and entrepreneurship. We are ever expanding network of Marathi people who have left shores of our beloved motherland Bharat for personal growth, for growth of our community and have knowledge, Education and entrepreneurship of prime importance in their life. The mission purpose of GMG is Networking, Mentoring, Giving back to our roots and celebrating success of Marathi around the world.

Three social organizations are coming together today to share knowledge, to create symbiotic network, to give back to our roots. We all are in debts of our Matrubhumi, our culture-heritage and our Samaj/ society. These debts can never be repaid by doing something that we can do for other members of society and that too selflessly is only our way of  acknowledging that debt and expressing gratitude…For details watch:-



Amhi Udyogini: Meenal Mohadikar

'Aamhi Udyogini Prathishthan' is a trust established 20 Years back on 8th March 1997. This organization was formed with the sole intention of women empowerment, a dream and vision of our founder member Mrs. Meenal Mohadikar who is the backbone of this movement.

'Aamhi Udyogini' was a small pod then, which has now turned into a huge tree under the guidance of great entrepreneurs & Businessmen like Shri V.V.Deshpande. Smt.Rajani Danadekar, Mr. Pradeep Varma, Smt. Pushpa Trilokekar & Many More.

The head office of 'Aamhi Udyogini' is situated at Dadar (W) Mumbai with its branches spread at New Mumbai, Kalyan, Borivali, Thane, Goregaon, Pune, Nasik, Ratnagiri, Aurangabad and Dubai.

It is said that if a woman gets educated, her whole house gets educated, likely if a women becomes an entrepreneur, then her entire family gets influenced by her skills.

'Aamhi Udyogini' firmly believes that all ladies have qualities & potential for starting a business, only thing needed is to find the hidden qualities & nurture them from business point of view & this is what we strive for.

'Aamhi Udyogini' organizes various programs like

  • Which business to choose?
  • What are the training facilities available for it?
  • How to market your product?
  • How to advertise and Package your product?
  • Where to get financial help?
  • "Udyogache Tantra Aani Mantra"
  • Entrepreneurs Development Program (1 month certified course)
  • "Mala Udyojak Vhaychay!"
  • B2B Meetings at Dubai & Fujairah
  • Industrial Visit at Ichalkaranji
  • Business Educational visit at Jaipur

In the month of March it organizes 'Aamhi Udyogini State Level Conference for Women Entrepreneurs' which draws tremendous response. Women from all over Maharashtra come to attend this seminar, to get motivated & gain knowledge from eminent personalities who grace the occasion. On this day we also give awards to 5 Women Entrepreneurs from Mumbai, Konkan, Vidarbha, Marathwada & West Maharashtra respectively for their work done.

'Aamhi Udyogini' acts as a platform for women to establish their business and expand it. This is achieved by organizing various discussions, meetings , seminars, free counseling, study tours & personal guidance.

These women members meet on a regular basis to share their ideas and thoughts and also learn about the new opportunities.

We also publish a quarterly magazine called 'Aamhi Udyogini' which covers various success stories of women in different fields.

Obviously all this work cannot be done single handedly & it's a team work & efforts put in by the whole staff & the branches , under the guidance & leadership of the president & founder Member Meenal Mohadikar who herself is an institution. Not only she has immense knowledge but also has the zest to see more women progressing & standing up on their feet & be more independent.

Mrs. Meenal Mohadikar has completed 25 years of her business. She has an event organizing company which organizes exhibition under the name Consumers Shoppee all over Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka & UAE. She was the president of Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce Industries & Agriculture(MACCIA), a 80 years old organization. In this span of 80 years, she being the 1st Lady President. Currently she is the Vice President of Maharashtra Economic Development Council (MEDC). She has also received various awards for her noble work.

The goal of 'Aamhi Udyogini' is to make women educated as well strive hard to gain success through dedication & determination and to follow her dreams


Amit Waikar: From Flavors of India & Fragrances of China

Amit Waikar builds Vasudaiva Kutumbakam across The Great Wall

  • Amit Waikar, Managing Director of Döhler ASEAN was one of the youngest winners of Pravasi Bharatiya Samman for his outstanding achievements in business and cosmopolitan initiatives.
  • China’s focus on creating facilitating infrastructure funded by Government even from the 80s has led to growth in FDI and industries
  • India holds huge scope in developing its flavours and fragrances industry 

Amit Waikar represents a generation of a self-driven spirited individual who went on to make a mark in the high echelons of the Indian corporate world with a value that is fundamentally Indian yet cosmopolitan. Presently the Managing Director - ASEAN at Döhler Group, Amit Waikar wears his accomplishments with an air of disarming honesty while his innate verve makes a definite impact. He is also one of the youngest winners of Pravasi Bharatiya Samman. 

Amit Waikar grew up in the ‘erstwhile small town’ Nagpur, which set his outlook towards life and to make a difference without being forcefully so.   The formative years were honed by the presence of his father, Dr Vinay Waikar, an ex-army man and the second anesthesiologist in Nagpur. “What you do for a career or what you do for a living is important, but that should not define you the way you are, instead what matters is the legacy one wants to leave behind”, Amit maintains.

Urkoon Taka: Building Fundamentals

Born to a family of doctors, with his mother Dr Vina Waikar being a well-known gynaecologist and two elder sisters practising medicine, Amit developed anguish for studying medicine and also ‘rebelled’ with the idea of becoming an engineer. After passing out from one of the most prestigious schools in Nagpur when Waikar enrolled for a BSc degree in Environmental Science with English Literature as an additional subject, he was met with little resistance from his broad-minded parents. Though on one occasion on his mother’s bidding, his father took Waikar to meet Dr Shrikant Jichkar - the man holding the record for maximum degrees, and then Home Minister of Maharashtra. The idea was to get Amit admitted to a medical college which did not work out finally. 

Amit Waikar remembers, “BSc or BA, I had no clue of what I wanted to do.”  Amit met his future wife Aparna, who motivated him for enrolling in MBA, and Amit completed his MBA in Nagpur. At this point, Amit admits his “friend, philosopher and guide” Dr Shrikant Shorghore, a well-known paediatrician in Nagpur offered to write a letter of recommendation to someone he knew in Mumbai for Amit’s job opportunity. Dr Shrikant Shorghore also advised Amit to follow the Marathi “Urkoon Taka” principle which means “to get things completed”. 

From International Flavors & Fragrances to Döhler

The gentleman Dr Shorghore had sent the referral was Sunil Doronde, the Managing Director of International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF). It was 1992, the Indian economy was opening up to welcome MNCs, and with no idea about flavour and fragrances segment, Amit Waikar joined IFF as Market Research Executive. Amit explains, “When people think of flavours and fragrances, people think of fine fragrances associated with brands like GUCCI, PRADA, CK and the rest. But that is only ten per cent of the segment. Ninety per cent of it is about fragrances for soap, detergent, talcum powder and that makes up for the bulk. 

There is a complete set of companies not known to many for they, being on the B2B side, including the famed S.H.Kelkar & Co. Ltd. a third-generation India brand.” Amit Waikar’s progression in IFF began when he was given the responsibility of key account manager of Hindustan Lever Limited, managing the account for India and subsequently for Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. All this while, Amit was learning the nuances about fragrances, the technicalities and its business.

After a little more than four years with IFF, Amit Waikar was approached by Döhler for the position of Regional Sales Manager. The following years saw Amit Waikar managing accounts for India and South East Asia and two-and-half years at Döhler headquarters in Germany. This followed what Amit Waikar mentions as “a wonderful stint of eleven years in China.”

The Great Wall of China: Mixed Bag of Learning & Leadership

Arriving in Shanghai, Waikar started by managing the global accounts of the Asia Pacific region for Döhler and, he is today operating from Bangkok leading the ASEAN market as its Managing Director. Amit Waikar says, “The experience is never less than exciting. I think there is a lot of action that is going to happen in the ASEAN market. There will be pockets of extremely high growth and every market has its dynamics. This is going to be a mixed bag of learning, leadership and dealing with unique challenges.”

Amit’s stay in China was not just all about corporate leadership and business growth. One aspect that set Waikar apart from the rest was his significant role as a community builder and supporter of the Indian community in China. Essentially a humanist, he was conferred the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award, the highest honour conferred on overseas Indians by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. Amit Waikar’s instance is also unique in a certain way, as he was not nominated by Indian Embassy from China and he being the first Indian to be awarded this distinction from mainland China. The journey to this height began when Amit Waikar started attending the events of the Indian Association in China. 

Amit Waikar remembers, “While attending these events which were grand and spectacular, I sensed something still amiss. Probably it is my Nagpur upbringing; I intuitively felt the absence of connection with the community. They were all typically elite events where the common Indian living in China never felt to be part of such association. After one such event on our drive back home, I disclosed my concerns to my wife Aparna. She made a point for me to become an active change-maker instead of being on the sidelines and complain about the shortcoming.” Aparna Waikar’s assertion stayed on with him. 

Indian Association for Indians in China

So after a couple of months, not even being a board member of the association, he nominated himself in the election for the president’s post. His friends played a key role and went for canvassing to the members of the Indian community who were not yet a part of the association and they became members just to vote for Amit. His vision for making the Indian Association accessible to every single Indian in China for any and every kind of concern and aid was widely felt like a primer to a change. The year was 2013, Waikar was elected the president of the Indian Association.

During his tenure, Amit Waikar successfully initiated the blood donation campaigns, a rather uncommon social practice among Chinese people. This very Indian ethos was put to action and Indians donated blood for the Chinese people, a mark of service to their host nation and present India’s time-honoured eternal ideal of “Vasudaiva Kutumbakam”. Cricket tournaments, Diwali celebrations and cultural programs were planned with the distinctive Indian cultural feel. 

Amit & Aparna Waikar

In 2015 Amit received a call from The Hon’ble Counsel General asking for the Indian Association to host a community event during the forthcoming visit of The Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi. Amit Waikar connected with the community through the network he had built and all Indians were excited and involved themselves to give Modiji a grand welcome.

The challenge was to bring all Indians in China together, which under the leadership of Amit Waikar, from a count of seven hundred, seven thousand Indians were waiting to greet The Prime Minister of India, at the iconic Shaghai Expo Centre on 15th May. Amit Waikar, being at the helm of this civic reception, received Modiji, greeted him and introduced the members of the Indian Association to The Prime Minister. It was not just connecting Indians in Shanghai but also about Indians from other cities and districts of China. 

In 2019 Amit Waikar was awarded Pravasi Bharatiya Samman at Varanasi, for his contributions for building a strong Indian community in China. The Indian Association in China works towards understanding problems and providing social, legal, medical and institutional support to every Indian individual living in China even in the remotest of cities. The foundation to such activities was cemented during Amit Waikar’s tenure and today he continues to be a senior board member of The Indian Association. 

Biggest Political Enemies & Largest Economic Partners

Talking about the business lessons from China, Waikar notes, “Firstly, China has built an entire universe of manufacturing through an amazing way what the world calls ‘copying’, but China calls it ‘inspiration’. So even in the eighties and nineties, there were the so-called innovation centres, research labs that were set up. They were entirely government-owned where a product or component was completely dismantled with the objective to understand the technology, and the information gathered was given free of cost to the entrepreneurs to develop it further.

Secondly, at that point in time, the funding for manufacturing business was easily available. Thirdly, when China opened its economy and welcomed FDI, they had the infrastructure made readily available, not that the infra was developed alongside or afterwards. So, what was claimed was not mere words but actions, investors took no time to channel the funds to China.” 

Another important thing to understand about China is that it operates as an organization. Amit Waikar says that the system is such that every five years, each provincial head of China requires to present results in terms of employment generation, getting companies involved or getting the infrastructure and network more robust. Amazing power in decision making is also given to the authorities to meet their respective goals. Waikar adds, “China is all about clusters. There is a cluster for each segment like there are clusters for automobile, chemical, rubber, furniture etc. This results in an area where twenty to thirty companies producing same products with a consolidated infrastructure of the workforce, technology, suppliers and OEMs.” 

But the great learning Amit had in China is that “its biggest political enemies are its largest economic partners”. He cites the example of economic and trade cooperation between China and Japan or even the same with its trade ties with Taiwan and the USA. The fundamental idea is to keep the economic growth of the nation despite the political differences. 

Speaking of the opportunities of the Indian companies in China, Amit Waikar observes, there is ample opportunity for Indian iron ore, coffee and similar products, spices, fisheries and fruit products. He says, ”Another aspect one should never forget is the Indian skill and talent pool. Indians leading China’s pharmaceutical companies is a case in the point.” 

And finally, Amit Waikar draws attention to the fact that all MNCs are now having China-Plus-One policies triggered by SAARs and, now COVID19. The idea is to establish one or two non-Chinese locations for manufacturing.  “Are we ready to offer tangible support to welcome those MNCs?” Amit wonders. But being a firm believer of vision, foresight and commitment Waikar is confident that it quite possible for India to achieve these goals. 

Huge Opportunity for India: Fragrance & Flavor Industry

Speaking of the industry Amit Waikar has dedicated his career, Fragrance and Flavor or F&F as it is commonly known, he says, “Though it is not a well-known segment in India, the industry is quite big, very well managed and an industry driven by professionals. India always had a legacy of fragrances, but it was never an organized one. After the economic liberalization in the nineties, F&F got a major boost. So today all the F&F leaders of the world like Givaudan, Firmenich, Symrise and IFF and many more are actually manufacturing their products in India and generating employment.” 

Amit Waikar feels there is a need to train people in the field of F&F at the university levels. The bulk of F&F is associated with beverages and fruit juices. China is presently supplying eighty per cent of chemical products that goes into making finer fragrances in F&F. “India holds a major potential to start the processing of fruit juices. The focus should be on fruit cultivation and processing. There is a scope for the Indian entrepreneurship to take F&F in beverages to the global level is huge indeed”, Amit Waikar explains. 

All the while in the world of business and trade, Amit Waikar works to give back to the society that has nurtured him to be the man he is today. With active support from his family and friends, he is associated with Deepstambh Foundation in Jalgaon where the plan is to build Asia’s largest hostel and training centre especially for the differently-abled, the tribal people and the socially marginalized children above eighteen years of age and train them to be leaders of future. “And this has helped me to answer the unfounded criticism about my Motherland that it is land of potential and no actualization. I have at least participated to bring about a change however minuscule it may be,” reflects Amit Waikar. 



Ashish Garde , MOU signed between GMG and MAGIC Aurangabad

MARATHWADA Accelerator For Growth and Incubation Council (MAGIC) Aurangabad is a Business Incubator & SME Accelerator . It's one amongst the very few Incubators hosted outside of academic institutions & that too firmly connected with Industries.

 MAGIC is a Section 8 Company (Not For Profit ) established by eminent members of Chamber of Marathwada Industries and Agriculture (CMIA) Aurangabad - the apex body of industries in Marathwada Region.

MAGIC Aurangabad is a unique sector agnostic Incubator & SME Accelerator which is promoted by the members of a Regional level industries Association & hosted in its campus where in leading industrialists are mentors to the Startups being incubated.

MAGIC is recognised by MSME Ministry Govt of India  & Maharashtra State Innovation Society (MsInS) Govt.of Maharashtra.

MAGIC is supporting individuals / teams with innovative ideas which are having potential to get converted into successful enterprises which then can be scaled further in due course of time.


Chitra Sawant’s Blog …. At Garje Marathi Global

….At Garje Marathi Global, they build careers and lives of aspiring minds 

“Supporting the youth evolve, defines our purpose,” said Anand Ganu as he made vivid his organisation, Garje Marathi Global (GMG) Inc goals, which has 60 domain experts grooming over 150 students the world over. “In fact, it’s so important that it’s part of Garje Marathi’s mission – to be a catalyst for change, growth, and a better future,” mentions Ganu, as he shares enthusiastically about the organisation which he had co-founded with his life partner Suneeta in 2016.

Ganu, a successful businessman, with a background in the pharma sector, following his retirement found a new passion connecting with exemplary Marathi-speaking people across the globe, documenting their stories of triumph and connecting all of them together. This was a start of an interesting journey, soon his passion could lead to two epic books, Garje Marathi part 1 and part 2, bringing forth the lives of 70 illustrious Maharashtrians spread across the globe. 

Though he himself comes from an old school of thought, which believes in ‘doing good and forgetting all about it’, which is a typical trait known among Maharashtrians, however, he also understands that there is a dire need, that people talk about their success and achievements. The vigorous web connecting these limelight shy eminent Maharashtrians evolved into Garje Marathi Global Inc, a non-profit organisation. 

Padma Vibhushan Raghunath Anant Mashelkar and Padma Vibhushan Avinash Dixit are some of the prominent personalities on its advisory board. “GMG trains, coaches, mentors aspiring minds through education and counselling for building their better future. Several domain experts have willingly come forward to share their expertise wholeheartedly with the youth, said Ganu. Effective planning, efficient delivery systems, a collaborative approach with partners, and mentoring provided with integrity, compassion, competence have resulted in an increasing number of beneficiaries.

Ganu, based out of California, works round the clock attending online meetings with his counterparts in 30 international cities. It keeps Ganu on his toes and secures GMG’s position among the world’s richest organisations, in terms of the availability of talent and expertise. Developing entrepreneurship skill is one area GMG has been concentrating on,  which has been receiving a tremendous response, and so is Saksham, their project where they are making available electronic devices to facilitate online education to children coming from underprivileged communities in Maharashtra. 

“Maharashtrians settled abroad or even staying outside of Maharashtra have always operated as silos in their own locations and focussed primarily on developing traditional, cultural, and entertainment aspects related to the community,” said Sudhir Kadam, an Innovation and Growth Strategist. Kadam, who has been actively engaged in mentoring aspirants associated with GMG, mentioned that there was a dire need for mentoring and networking to help people at the professional level to help them succeed in their chosen endeavor - whether it is business, employment, research, or education.

 “Anand Ganu was quick to notice this need and formed GMG, which has been receiving great support from those who believed in his vision, which aims at providing networking, mentoring, and educational support to help people succeed. The best part is that it is done with the sole motive of paying-it-forward and there are no joining fees, subscriptions, or program fees,” added Kadam. 

Shalmali Gadgil, a second-year Biotechnology student at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, narrating her experience after contacting GMG and Mr. Ganu, said that she could instantly connect with domain experts who have been extremely supportive to her. Shalmali was all praise about Dr. Manoj Jadhav, “With Dr. Jadhav's help and introduction I could manage to secure myself a spot to work as a lab research assistant with one of his old colleague (Dr. Song) at the University of Florida this summer,” she added. 

Dr. Milind Medhekar, who leads the Australia chapter of Garje Marathi said, “Anandji has almost single-handedly united highly qualified, talented, competent Marathi-speaking domain experts from across the globe, who are passionately volunteering to share their knowledge and expertise with aspiring students and entrepreneurs in India." 



"Love to find delightful and mystical aspects of life and present them before the world in the best possible way I can" 


Data Driven Digital Healthcare : Abhi Gholap


Abhi Gholap Data Driven Digital Healthcare https://youtu.be/0q7V0_E4YLY Abhi Gholap Angel Investor Sand Hill Angels Co-Founder & Board Member OptraLABS, Optra Health, OptraSCAN Organized By Garje Marathi Health & Pharma Technocrats Group: https://www.garjemarathi.com/Blog/newsletter_details.php?newsletter=GMG-Health-and-Pharma-Technocrats-group


GMG Health & Pharma Technocrats Forum : Introduction by Dr. Anita Kant


For more details: https://www.garjemarathi.com/Blog/newsletter_details.php?newsletter=GMG-Health-and-Pharma-Technocrats-group


GMG Innovation Academy LaunchPad 03 April



Mentors’ Meet: Garje Marathi Innovation Academy LaunchPad/ first Acceleration Program for Early Stage Startups.


GMG-IA Start-up Accelerator Program :

GMG IA LaunchPad Program, GMG Innovation Academy offers ‘Free’ Acceleration Program for Early Stage Startups, thanks to selfless contributions by ‘Governing Team’ and ‘Expert Mentors’ ….. Read More:- https://www.garjemarathi.com/Blog/newsletter_details.php?newsletter=Garje-Marathi-Startup-Accelerators-


Higher Education in Germany. Panelists: Prajakta Oak, Akshay Joshi, Anuja Dixit


Organized by GMG Career Forum Germany , https://www.garjemarathi.com/Blog/newsletter_details.php?newsletter=GMG-Career-Forum-Germany


In silico techniques for accelerating drug discovery : Sachin Patil




Organized by GMG Health and Pharma Technocrats group webinar Sachin Patil M.Tech. Bio-Chem. Engg. IIT Mumbai MBA Finance University of Delaware Topic: In silico techniques for accelerating drug discovery To know more about the group : https://www.garjemarathi.com/Blog/newsletter_details.php?newsletter=GMG-Health-and-Pharma-Technocrats-group



'INSPIRATION' Nitin Paranjpe COO Unilever London speaks with Ravindra Gadgil /Pradnya Punekar GMG UK



Ravindra Gadgil Founder Garje Marathi UK Chapter and Pradnya Punekar Board member Garje Marathi UK (www.garjemarathi.com) in conversation with Nitin Paranjpe Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Unilever PLC based at London UK.


Introduction and Invitation to join Mission Garje Marathi Global

Please join mission Garje Marathi by submitting maximum possible and open to all details. (The profile will be visible to all) https://www.garjemarathi.com/registrationform.php

About Garje Marathi Global "Garje Marathi Global is a platform for 'Non Resident Marathi' and 'Back to Motherland Marathi'( परत मातृभूमीला मराठी) who value knowledge, education and entrepreneurship. GMG has four main objectives: Networking, Mentoring, Giving back to society and to our roots, and to celebrate success of Marathi around the world.  Read More:- https://www.garjemarathi.com/Blog/newsletter_details.php?newsletter=Introduction-and-Invitation-to-join-Mission-Garje-Marathi-Global-


Mandar Bichhu, Sharjah Doctor creates a Tendulkar Museum

 24 April is Sachin Tendulkar’s birthday, and this year, on that day, one ardent admirer of his, came up with a unique birthday gift – TendulkarCricket.Com, the first-ever web museum dedicated to the Master Blaster. The unique website archives videos of Tendulkar’s all the memorable cricket performances, his interviews, his personal tweets and YouTube videos, tributes paid to him by his fellow cricketers, and blogs analyzing his cricketing legacy. To borrow a quote from the site’s intro- ‘It archives everything that is to cherish about the man, his matchless game, and his endearing persona.’ TendulkarCricket.Com (https://tendulkarcricket.com ) is the concept and the creation of Dr. Mandar V. Bichu, a Sharjah, UAE-based pediatrician, author, journalist, and web-content-creator. Dr. Mandar is also the founder-editor of Cinemasangeet.Com, RightParenting.Com, HealthVideoTips.Com and LataOnline.Com .

Explaining his thoughts on the project, Dr. Mandar said, “Sachin Tendulkar entered the cricket field as a wonder-kid and rose to be a cricketing genius. From 1989 to 2013, for 24 years, Sachin Tendulkar dominated world cricket and rewrote its history. His multitude of records redefined what could be achieved on the field, and, set up new benchmarks. But more than his on-field heroics and all the accolades that followed, his off-field connect with the millions of cricket-lovers, and the emotional sway his performances held on their collective consciousness, made him special.” “He became cricket’s biggest icon, and his mass appeal played a major role in making the game a multimillion-dollars global industry. More importantly big money and big expectations never came in the way of his passion, dedication and commitment for the game, and his ability to keep scaling new peaks.” “TendulkarCricket.Com is my way of saying ‘Thank You’ to this wonderful player. This is an archive that will present the momentous Tendulkar-era in its full glory and will make us re-live the joy and pride that Tendulkar gave through his cricketing performances.” TendulkarCricket.Com (https://tendulkarcricket.com) is a one-stop repository of videos, blogs and photographs to understand Sachin Tendulkar, the cricketing and socio-cultural phenomenon. It is a must-visit site for all Sachin-fans, and all cricket-lovers." "Public archives or museums serve to record history for posterity for future generations. Digital platform offers a chance of making such museums more easily, and it also makes them accessible to people from all parts of the world. In 2015, I made a web museum on Indian melody queen Lata Mangeshkar, and this year, I created one on Sachin Tendulkar. Both these individuals, through their outstanding contribution in their respective fields, became legends in their lifetime and received India's highest honor Bharat Ratna. I am very happy and proud that I could do extensive web archives on both these jewels of India." Dr. Mandar concluded

Dr. Mandar V. Bichu

Pediatrician, Author, Communicator, Content Creator, Web entrepreneur and Founder: Right Parenting Lifestyle Guidance program


Manish Maloji Patil of Jugaadfunda and Garje Marathi Global enter cooperation pact.  

Manish Maloji Patil M.Tech (Eltrx. Design Tech.) and Garje Marathi Global are entering symbiotic relationship.  Jugaadfunda Innovations LLP  will assist in taking GMG IA initiatives to grassroots level. GMG will provide technical guidance and mentoring to Jugaadfunda Innovations LLP.

Mr. Manish M. Patil, obtained his B.E. (Electronics) degree in 1991 from Shivaji University Kolhapur, and MTech. (Electronics Design Technology) from C.E.D.T. Aurangabad Unit in June 2000. He has total teaching and industry experience of 26 years. He founded and successfully operated, Samruddhi TBI Foundation”, to channelize CSR funds from “Samruddhi industries Limited” Sangli. At the same time, he also handled responsibilities in a capacity of CEO for Shivaji Center for innovation incubation and Linkages (SCIIL) Shivaji university. In a capacity of “Head, Research & Development”, he had built R&D team and delivered commercially successful products for “Rajdeep Info-Techno Pvt. Ltd. Pune.” He had delivered Indigenous Highway Traffic Management Solution”. He is founder of “Regional laboratory for Applied Research and Development” and Ergoptix Mediquip Pvt. Ltd. He is exclusively representing Lexicon by Spin-off Program from Singapore polytechnic (Government of Singapore) in India this moment. In collaboration with Fudan University from China, he developed LED lighting solutions through start-up under MIT group of institutions and replaced 37000 conventional tube lights with LED tube lights, saving more than 51% of electricity with more than 5 years warranty of the products.

In his journey as entrepreneur, he initially had failed successfully in 6 attempts of commercialising his business ideas. Today, through his patent, he is the only manufacturer in the country for product “Magnifying Loupes and LED Head Lamp”, under the brand “ERGOPTIX”. ERGOPTIX Loupes and LED head lamp is successful scientific product developed under his leadership. Three More products are in their final stage of commercialization. (www.ergoptix.com)

Understanding the problems of entrepreneur, coming from non-business family background, and need of building entrepreneurial eco system in the society, he has initiated “Jugaadfunda innovations LLP” (www.jugaadfunda.com). With Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture, (Apex Chamber of the State) he is currently implementing “Business Solution Polyclinic Program” BSPP for the state of Maharashtra. Under this initiative he is connecting 5Lac+ MSME with 3000+ academic institutes and 1000+ mentors in next 2 years. Jugaadfunda Innovations LLP is the execution partner with MACCIA for this initiative.

Mr Manish M Patil was very Instrumental and worked with the Samruddhi Industries Limited (SIL) Sangli, to develop the strategic plan for the SAMRUDDHI TBI FOUNDATION (STBI Incubator). As a leader, executive director, he built the culture of the organizations to achieve self[1]sustainability with sensitivity for social benefit. He has laid foundation of motivating employees, volunteers and looked after the entire budget, marketing efforts. He encouraged a positive company culture. Since non[1]profit STBI work on limited budgets, because of his true passion, he translated the mission into getting operational through available limited finances. With these consistent efforts for almost over last 16 years, He was able to present proposal on behalf of MIT Group of institutions Pune and fetched grant of 5 Cr, from Department of Science and Technology. In another attempt, he and management of SIL was able to fetch supportive grant of 5 Cr jointly with Shivaji University Kolhapur through Maharashtra State innovation Society. Under Samruddhi TBI Foundation, out of 9 admitted start-ups 5 were able to successfully commercialize their ventures.

He has successfully developed and delivered more than 8 products for Highway traffic management and Toll Management Systems while contributing as head of industrial R&D through Academic Institution. He also has developed 2 technology Products for surgeons and doctors and commercializing through Channel Partners.

He had initiated and worked on Industry University Interaction Program with support from Intel higher education and CADENCE University Program in India. He has contributed at many Institutes and IITs as a resource person for faculty training. He has published total 19 papers in conferences and journals. He has guided 45+ post graduate students for their M.E. and MTech dissertation. He has indigenously developed many rapid prototyping boards for product development, which also has got accepted in the various technical institutes and industries as trainer modules for fresh learners. He has two design Protections and six trademarks registered under his name through patent attorney.


Mentee Etiquette Involving Startups

Sudhir Kale PhD Thought Leader | Researcher | Consultant | Keynote Speaker, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia,” As a professor who has taught on three continents for three decades, I have been fortunate to teach and guide thousands of students across various nationalities. Some students have gone on to create their own successful businesses. I have acted as a formal or informal mentor to several of these entrepreneurs in the early stages of their venture. Since I have been an entrepreneur myself, I can, first-hand, vouch for the enormous value a mentor can provide…. Read More:- https://www.garjemarathi.com/Blog/newsletter_details.php?newsletter=Mentee-Etiquette-Involving-Startups-


Neha Virkar: Voluntary Community Interpreter in Germany

I am a Mumbaiker, who has grown up speaking multiple languages. Never did I think that I would be selected to work as a voluntary community Interpreter with City of Ingelheim in Germany.

Parle Tilak Vidyalay – Marathi Madhyam is my school. Ruparel college Arts stream was my next choice to complete my BA in English. I am awarded with the Gold Medal from University of Mumbai for securing the highest marks in BA examination. I am deeply thankful to all my teachers.

During my graduate studies, I started learning German- a subject to score more marks 😊 I continued to learn it in Max Mueller Bhavan, Mumbai and learnt it intensively for 3 years. Max Mueller Bhavan offered me a scholarship to study in Germany for one month. German Academic Exchange Center (DAAD) organizes Literature Competition every year. The topic given was ‘Identities’. Participants were free to write – a story, a drama, a poem or any other literary genre. I wrote a poem and was awarded by yet another scholarship to study in Germany for a month.

My Masters was in German and I chose to do it at the Ohio State University, USA because the OSU offered me full scholarship and an opportunity to teach German to the undergraduate students for 2 years. This was the most challenging assignment. I am a non-native speaker. So, the students were not ready to believe that I could teach them the language that was foreign to me. We proved that the language skills are not inherited by birth, they are acquired by practice😊

These years were fun. But when the time came to live and work in Germany, I experienced that:

  • Language is a cultural element and is embedded in socio-cultural, historical background. People may uses, ab-uses, mis-use it in the social transaction.
  • Situations such as being hospitalized, dealing with government authorities, applying for work permit, residency permit require exceptional communication skills.

There is a great demand for people with language skills. I decided to offer my language skills by taking the role of a voluntary community interpreter. The Migration and Integration office at the City of Ingelheim conducted a seminar to on-board residents of Ingelheim. This seminar focused on skills required while interpreting in complex social situations. The interpreter is involved in the conversation, but needs to stay unbiased. Word-to-word transliteration might not be effective. Additionally, the community interpreters were taught how to interpret jokes, rhetorical questions, anecdotes, abusive words/angry remarks, unfortunate news. This is no simple task involving word-to-word transliteration.

The voluntary interpreters are contacted by the Migration and Integration office to share the information about an upcoming interpretation task. We are neither supposed to share the personal contacts, nor go beyond the assigned task to extend personal help. This can be emotionally distressing in certain situations. So, the Migration and Integration office has kindly offered counselling services to interpreters, who feel stressed.

Through this assignment I have become more humane towards the communication. If you wish to come to Germany to study or to work or to join your spouse, do invest in learning German.

Neha Malshe-Virkar.


Sanjay Dhavalikar Jt Secretary HEF

It gives me immense pleasure in informing to Global Garje Marathi family that Shri. Sanjay Dhavalikar is appointed as Jt Sec of Hindu Economic Forum.  HEF is Bharat specific arm of The World Hindu Economic Forum (WHEF). Read More:- https://www.garjemarathi.com/Blog/newsletter_details.php?newsletter=Sanjay-Dhavalikar-Jt-Secretary-HEF


Shirish Rangnekar Singapore: GMG-IA Start-up Accelerator Program :


GMG Innovation Academy has launched first GMG Start-up Accelerator Program for early stage start-ups One of the Founder-Promoter of the program Shirish Rangnekar speaks about (1) need to build community of mentors, experts, learners, leaders;and (2) how we are using easy to use but powerful tools (like Grokool platform) to build, engage & communicate For more details (1) https://www.garjemarathi.com/Blog/newsletter_details.php?newsletter=Garje-Marathi-Startup-Accelerators- To Apply:- https://forms.gle/jf5kPEuyaJ8yZLxw6


Surviving A Statrtup : Steve Hoffman


Organized by Garje Marathi Global www.garjemarathi.com: Invited speaker Steve Hoffman. Steve :The CEO of Founders Space, one of the world's leading startup incubators and accelerators. Founders Space is ranked Top 10 in Forbes Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine. Moderator of the event is the person who is instrumental in organizing this event, who mentors and leads Garje Marathi Innovation Academy, Mr. Sudhir Kadam. Sudhir Kadam a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, investor, and start-up advisor with five successful exits in He works with early and growth stage tech companies in US, Europe and Asia to help them scale and grow into thriving businesses with game-changing solutions. His focus areas are: growth acceleration, go-to-market, customer success, partnerships, operational excellence, funding, and exit strategy.


Teach to Teach

Teach to Teach :- Garje Marathi is creating a platform making it easy to share your expertise for the benefit of our community members. These are tough times and many feel that a crucial period of their life has become non-productive. Financial tensions, feelings of emptiness and helplessness due to pandemic situations are having devastating effects on many. What is Teach2Teach?......Read More:- https://www.garjemarathi.com/Blog/newsletter_details.php?newsletter=Teach2Teach




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About Garje Marathi Global

"Garje Marathi Global is a platform for 'Non Resident Marathi' and 'Back to Motherland Marathi'( परत मातृभूमीला मराठी) who value knowledge, education and entrepreneurship. GMG has four main objectives: Networking, Mentoring, Giving back to society and to our roots, and to celebrate success of Marathi around the world.  

Padma Vibhushan Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar is mentor to Garje Marathi Global.

  • GMG Innovation Academy

GMG Innovation Academy is our new initiative,  launched on 16 August  2020 (https://www.garjemarathi.com/innovation_academy.html) by Hon’ble Devendra ji Fadnavis.

MOU with BAMU:

Garje Marathi Global and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University have formally decided to work together for GMG Innovation Academy.

  • GMG Mentoring Program

Garje Marathi Global has also launched the Garje Marathi Mentoring program. The details of the program can be found in https://www.garjemarathi.com/mentor-for-you.php

  • GMG Saksham

We have embarked on a very ambitious social initiative, ‘Saksham’/ सक्षम (Enabled)


Hon’ble Minister Nitin Gadkari ji is GMG Saksham’s Mentor-Guide.

  • Garje Marathi Bio-Health-Pharma Tech Association

"Fostering Bio-Health-Pharma Tech Innovation-

To form synergistic, symbiotic network of academics, professionals, researchers, entrepreneurs and students from Biotech, Healthtech and Pharmatech.


  • GMG Agri Tech Forum

The forum is a symbiotic network of Agri-Tech and allied subjects experts, professionals, academics, and entrepreneurs for the benefit of students, young entrepreneurs, startup entrepreneurs and farmers from Maharashtra.



Garje Marathi Startup Accelerators

GMG IA LaunchPad Program




GMG Career Forum Germany



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Gaurav March Newsletter.

*Garje Marathi Gaurav March 2021 Newsletter https://www.garjemarathi.com/Blog/newsletter_details.php?newsletter=Gaurav-March-2021

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(Non-Profit registered at California, USA, www.garjemarathi.com )

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(Non Profit, section ‘8’ company registered in India,  www.gmgindia.org )


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Watch two concise videos to understand our mission.


  1. https://youtu.be/99TxA7sMktI
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOpGHb1i0HM 


20 minutes is a long Video but I request you to watch.

This extemporaneous interview says all about what is Garje Marathi Global. 



Mrudula Joshi Purandare of Marathi Global village family in conversation with Anand Ganu, founder-President Garje Marathi Global Inc.



Anand Ganu , interviewed by Philanthropist/ Politician/ Senior Journalist Shri. Ajit Chavan on behalf of Tata Institute of Social  Science/ National University Student’s Skill Development program.





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Teach to Teach

Garje Marathi is creating a platform making it easy to share your expertise for the benefit of our community members.

These are tough times and many feel that a crucial period of their life has become non-productive. Financial tensions, feelings of emptiness and helplessness due to pandemic situations are having devastating effects on many.

What is Teach2Teach?

Many of us have unique skills, expertise that can be taught ‘online’.

‘Teach 2Teach’ is a chain reaction and will make a great social impact. Let us come forward and teach these skills to those who are willing to learn and teach others.

Teaching and learning new things will give mental satisfaction of making the best of the situation. To many it might give a source of income.

Please contact me if you wish to participate in   ‘Teach 2 Teach’. garjemarathi@gmail.com / 001 7327897130 

What you can teach (Only suggestion, the list can be endless)

  1. Urban Farming
  2. Vertical Farming
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Coding
  5. Creating Online Game/ how to program mobile games
  6. Podcast
  7. How to use whatsApp-FaceBook- Instagram – LinkedIn effectively
  8. Share trading
  9. Online Tuitions
  10. Website creation on Wordpress
  11. Digital Marketing
  12. CPR
  13. Drawing – Madhubani/ Warali /
  14. Project report for bank finance
  15. Learn about Government schemes
  16. Mask making
  17. Hand Sanitizer/ disinfectant making
  18. Marathi
  19. Create YouTube Videos
  20. …….
  21. ……




Our Recent Members


Mr. Onkar Kharadkar


Hello all!

My Name is Onkar Kharadkar and I am currently pursuing the Master in Management Course at ESCP Business School in London. As my university helps to sponsor visas, I am looking for internships in finance and consulting domains across the United Kingdom, Germany, France and other parts of Europe. I can speak fluently in French. 

I a chartered accountant with three years of experience at KPMG. Further, I have also completed 1.5 years of experience at a financial advisory startup. I am looking forward to your mentorship in my career development process. 

Feel free to connect with me via email at onkar.kharadkar@gmail.com or whatsapp me @ +44 07587039905.

Warm regards,

Onkar Kharadkar  






Dear Team,

I am Rohan Jadhav. Presently I am working for SIEMENS ENERGY located in Shanghai China. I have 14 years of professional experience in Renewables sector and working for APAC region as Proposals Manager.

Oroginally, I belong to Kolhapur . Done my education in Kolhapur. I completed M.Tech from IIT Roorkee in 2005. I was in GE Renewables for long 13 years based in Bangalore before moving to Shanghai.

I hope to contribute to Garje Marathi's mission.

Very happy to join global family.



Mr. Kedar Palsule

San Jose

My name is Kedar Uday Palsule and I'm born & brought up in Pune. I'm one of 3 brothers, one twin and a younger brother. I'm married and have a 3 year old son. My father was a captain in Merchant navy before he retired and afterwards he started several companies the last one being Spear Logistics where I  got the chance to work with him and my brothers. My mom was in banking before she had us and after we grew up she taught in Montessori schools for years.
I graduated in electronics engineering from Pune university in 2005, worked in logistics for a few years before I came to USA in 2009 to pursue my Masters in ISyE from Georgia institute of technology. I had a graduate research assistantship and worked as a lifeguard while I completed my masters. After that I worked in automotive components manufacturing industry in logistics & supply chain for several companies like Faurecia, SAS and Adient before I switched verticals to get into semiconductor industry with Applied Materials where I'm currently at where I also volunteer as an ERT (Emergency response team).

I believe in the power of continuous education and having a positive outlook on life and relationships. I feel that keeping an open mind is the best advice I got from my father. By the grace of my parents I have enjoyed the success I have had so far. I want to pay it forward and make a better future for our planet, and our children.