Our Chief Advisor and Mentor

Garje Marathi Global is blessed to have the most revered Padma Vibhushan Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar as our chief mentor and guide. Guidance and inspiration from beacons of knowledge, optimism and patriotism is the driving force for GMG . An extreme optimist,
Dr. Mashelkar is a uniquely multifaceted, most respectful, renowned scientist.


Our Chapters

Garje Marathi local and regional chapters form connections between the Garje Marathi Global team and local communities across the world. They act as a platform for communication on Garje Marathi initiatives with local and regional stakeholders and promote Garje Marathi in the region where the chapter is operating.



Inspired minds inspire more minds. That is how we are growing. We walk long but all our roads lead to the motherland.
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We are present globally.
We are in your city or may
be just next door.
We call ourselves 'Glocal'.

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We welcome you to be part of our Global family. You can join us as a member or you can be one of our mentors to help others Read More


Innovation is in our DNA. Our mentors will be happy to guide marathi students and entrepreneurs to find innovative solutions Read More

विश्वाच्या गाभारी ‘गर्जे मराठी’

भाग्य आपुले थोर म्हणुनी जाहलो मराठी
                विश्वाच्या गाभारी ‘गर्जे मराठी‘
छत्राखाली जमती सारे,अनिवासी मराठी
                    सहाय्य करुनी,नारा गर्जवू ‘गर्जे मराठी‘
                  ज्ञानोपासना,ज्ञानार्जन,ज्ञानदान ‘ त्रिसूत्रे बाणतो मराठी
                          संस्कारें आलंकृत असे,मायबोली अमुची मराठी
       महाराष्ट्राचे,मातृभूमीचे,ऋण फेडू या मायमराठी
                           पाऊल पुढे टाकुनी दावू ,झेंडा रोवूया ‘ गर्जे मराठी ‘

The synergetic network of Global Marathi excelling through Education,
Knowledge and Experience

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30 minutes
Starts in 1 hour Meeting Room 13

Design Feedback

We need to gather to talk about the latest iteration over the main flow for adding users. Still having a couple of concerns.

Meeting Accepted

Change Response

Garje Marathi Global – Mentoring program SOP

Garje Marathi Global’s  Mentorship program is for connecting  today’s prominent, successful and high achievers Marathi (Mentors) with tomorrow’s prominent successful and high achiever Marathi (Mentees) .

Scope of our program is limited to persons of Marathi descent

Our mentors are our elite members who earned significant achievements in their journey called 'Life', professionally and personally. They are more than happy to help others to select the path and guide to achieve their aims. Garje Marathi Global (GMG) Mentoring program is a unique and carefully designed offering. GMG does not charge any fee to connect you with Mentors and they too are not expected to charge any remuneration for interactions. However, if you decide to work with your mentor on your ideas, projects and need their continued guidance, there could be a commercial arrangement between you and mentor which Garje Marathi Global would never know or will never ask.


  1. Academics
  2. Experts from various professions
  3. Entrepreneurs and businessmen
  4. Social Entrepreneurs

Effective mentoring to include “the ability and willingness on part of the mentor to

  • value the mentee as a person;
  • develop mutual trust and respect;
  • maintain confidentiality;
  • listen both to what is being said and how it is being said;
  • help the mentee solve his or her own problem, rather than give direction;
  • Focus on the mentee’s development and resist the urge to produce a clone.”

The Mentee is the student who needs to absorb the mentor’s knowledge and have the ambition and desire to know what to do with this knowledge. As a student, the mentee needs to practice and demonstrate what has been learned.


  1. Youth from India aspiring to study abroad at post-graduate level
  2. Post Graduate, Doctoral and Post Doctoral students for selection of stream, subject and also for getting internships, getting research opportunities etc.
  3. Young entrepreneurs , Founders, Promoters of ‘Startups’
  4. Individuals wishing to explore opportunities in India to study, Startups, collaborations, social entrepreneurship and community work.

Mentee must show

  1. Eagerness to learn, admission
  2. Ability and willingness to work as a team player
  3. Patience
  4. Readiness to take risk
  5. Positive attitude

Work Model

Key factors

  • Mentee Enrollment – By application.
  • Mentor : By invitation
  • Mentoring style: Traditional 1:1 or 1:2.
  1. GMG will invite experts from various fields to join “Panel of Mentors’. We shall load their short profiles and audio/Video message on the website under ‘Panel of Mentor’
  2. We shall invite the applications from Mentees and those will be forwarded to related ‘mentor’ for consideration.
  3. Mentor is expected to devote not more than one hour per month per mentee or group on mentees.
  4. The mentoring can be done in 1:1 meeting, over phone, Video call or via email. GMG will provide tools for mentoring sessions , arrange conference calls
  5. The mentee needs to practice and demonstrate what has been learned.
  6. Mentee will maintain minutes of the mentoring session and record of progress. This will be shared with Mentor and GMG. Nothing will be shared on open media without permission of all three.

For the sake of proper documentation the program is divided into following headings

  • Agriculture & Farming , Animals & Pets , Veterinary
  • Architecture, Construction & Engineering
  • Art & Photography, costume, Creative design, fine arts , Music
  • Computers & Technology, IT, Communication, Software, Social networking.
  • Economics, Finance & E-commerce
  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship, Start-Ups, Business,
  • Environmental
  • Medical sciences, Health,
  • Personal Development
  • Political sciences
  • Social entrepreneurship, Charity
  • Sports, Physical training, Fitness


'Ajay Bam, CEO and Co-founder of Vyrill.com and a Garje Marathi community member is currently raising a seed round of funding.  He wishes to share the crowd funding campaign with GMG members.  

Ajay Bam (https://www.garjemarathi.com/member_details.php?member=Ajay-Bam)

Vyrill is developing a google search for videos like product reviews, how-to vides, unboxing videos etc and ability to google inside the video to enable video insights and video commerce for brands and retailers.  Essentially, Vyrill has trained machines with AI to capture videos from social/smartphones, watch, understand, score and help leverage videos for product marketing.  Vyrill was founded at U.C.Berkeley Skydeck program and is backed by top angel investors - Airbnb CTO - Vanja Josifovski and Chief AI Scientist at Pinterest & Top AI professor at Stanford - Jure Leskovec.

With consumer video creation and consumption growing 600% during covid & 200% year to year pre-covid, and with over 85% of consumers mentioning that videos influence their purchase decisions, reduces review fraud and offers a touch free shopping experience,  video has become essential to brand growth.  Vyrill counts many customers like Revlon, Porsche, Sargento, AirAsia, etc. 

Vyrill, based in San Francisco CA, is currently raising a $2M seed round and have decided to open the investment of $1M to friends and family and investors on the crowd sourcing platform - wefunder.com/vyrill .  The minimum investment is $250.  The company has already raised $53K in 3 weeks of launching the campaign.   If you are interested in an investment or would like to be a first time investor in a startup, this is a good opportunity to do so. 


I invite you to be the member of Garje Marathi Global, a truly global organization of Non-Resident and Back to Motherland(परत मातृभूमीला) Marathi.

To Join https://www.garjemarathi.com/registrationform.php 

About Garje Marathi Global:-

  • Padma Vibhushan Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar is mentor to Garje Marathi Global.

GMG has four main objectives: Networking, Mentoring, Giving back to society and to our roots, and to celebrate success of Marathi around the world.

GMG Innovation Academy

GMG Innovation Academy is our new initiative,  launched on 16 August  2020 (https://www.garjemarathi.com/innovation_academy.html) by Hon’ble Devendra ji Fadnavis.

GMG Mentoring Program

Garje Marathi Global has also launched the Garje Marathi Mentoring program. The details of the program can be found in https://www.garjemarathi.com/mentor-for-you.php

GMG Saksham

We have embarked on a very ambitious social initiative, ‘Saksham’/ सक्षम (Enabled).


  • Hon’ble Minister Nitin Gadkari ji is GMG Saksham’s Mentor-Guide.

Garje Marathi Bio-Health-Pharma Tech Association

"Fostering Bio-Health-Pharma Tech Innovation-

To form synergistic, symbiotic network of academics, professionals, researchers, entrepreneurs and students from Biotech, Healthtech and Pharmatech.


GMG Agri Tech Forum

The forum is a symbiotic network of Agri-Tech and allied subjects experts, professionals, academics, and entrepreneurs for the benefit of students, young entrepreneurs, startup entrepreneurs and farmers from Maharashtra.


Our Newsletter:


To Join mission Garje Marathi:

Please join mission Garje Marathi by submitting maximum possible and open to all details. (The profile will be visible to all)


Watch two concise videos to understand our mission.



20 minutes is a long Video but I request you to watch.

This extemporaneous interview says all about what Garje Marathi Global is. https://youtu.be/9M7xRa9p87Q


Garje Marathi is a non-political, non-commercial and non-profit making mission. Each and every service offered by us is free. Garje Marathi will never seek any financial compensation or contribution from anyone.

The membership of Garje Marathi is free and will always be.

With Sincere Regards,

Anand Mahadeo Ganu , 001 7327897130, anand@garjemarathi.com

  • Garje Marathi Global Inc.

(Non-Profit registered at California, USA, www.garjemarathi.com )

  • Garje Marathi Global Foundation India

(Non Profit , section ‘8’ company registered in India,  www.gmgindia.org )


Our Recent Members


Dr. Ajit Sapre.


I received my BChem from ICT Mumbai, PhD in Chemical engineering from U. of Delaware, and MBA from Cornell University.

I have more than 40 years of experience in the petroleum refining/ petrochemicals business, technology development/ deployment and general management. I'm also actively engaged with various start ups in renewable energy, biotechnology and synthetic biology space.

My experience includes technical and managerial assignments in research, engineering, licensing, business, manufacturing units and corporate planning. I worked in the US with ExxonMobil for 28 years in various capacities, before returning to India to join Relaince industries and has been working for the past 13 years. Although my work currently is in Mumbai, I frequently travel to the US, as my home base is in Tampa, Fl. 

I have published more than 100 technical papers, one book and has more than 50 U.S. patents to my credit.

In my spare time I support my wife, who is quite active in education and women empowerement, especially for poor communities in India.


Ms. Manjiri Kulkarni-Deshpande


Biotechnology enthusiasts 



Experienced Postdoctoral Research Associate with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Skilled in Structural Biology, Molecular Biology, Recombinant Protein Purification, Reverse Phase HPLC, Mass Spectrometry and biophysical studies. Strong research professional graduated from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.


Mr. GaneshMahadeo Nawkar


Hello all,

I am a researcher interested in understanding how light regulates plant growth and development. Currently, I am working with Professor Christian Fankhauser at the University of Lausanne.

I am happy to join this group and looking forward the upcoming activities in the group.

Best regards,