Our Chief Advisor and Mentor

Garje Marathi Global is blessed to have the most revered Padma Vibhushan Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar as our chief mentor and guide. Guidance and inspiration from beacons of knowledge, optimism and patriotism is the driving force for GMG . An extreme optimist,
Dr. Mashelkar is a uniquely multifaceted, most respectful, renowned scientist.


Our Chapters

Garje Marathi local and regional chapters form connections between the Garje Marathi Global team and local communities across the world. They act as a platform for communication on Garje Marathi initiatives with local and regional stakeholders and promote Garje Marathi in the region where the chapter is operating.



Inspired minds inspire more minds. That is how we are growing. We walk long but all our roads lead to the motherland.
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We are present globally.
We are in your city or may
be just next door.
We call ourselves 'Glocal'.

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We welcome you to be part of our Global family. You can join us as a member or you can be one of our mentors to help others Read More


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विश्वाच्या गाभारी ‘गर्जे मराठी’

भाग्य आपुले थोर म्हणुनी जाहलो मराठी
                विश्वाच्या गाभारी ‘गर्जे मराठी‘
छत्राखाली जमती सारे,अनिवासी मराठी
                    सहाय्य करुनी,नारा गर्जवू ‘गर्जे मराठी‘
                  ज्ञानोपासना,ज्ञानार्जन,ज्ञानदान ‘ त्रिसूत्रे बाणतो मराठी
                          संस्कारें आलंकृत असे,मायबोली अमुची मराठी
       महाराष्ट्राचे,मातृभूमीचे,ऋण फेडू या मायमराठी
                           पाऊल पुढे टाकुनी दावू ,झेंडा रोवूया ‘ गर्जे मराठी ‘

The synergetic network of Global Marathi excelling through Education,
Knowledge and Experience

Though the mission statement gives clarity about the purpose of Garje Marathi Global, there are questions which many ask us. Here is our attempt to share our honest view on some of the often asked..........Read More


30 minutes
Starts in 1 hour Meeting Room 13

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We need to gather to talk about the latest iteration over the main flow for adding users. Still having a couple of concerns.

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Change Response

Pandit Sujan Rane,  a multifaceted personality 

“Namaste , Shri Sujan Rane. Sir, Thanks for your blessings!!” Garje Marathi’s supporter, guide octogenarian Pandit Sujan Rane.

Such an inspiring personality!!  

*Professional Banker, Accomplished –acclaimed classical singer of Kirana Gharana, amazing Portrait painter  


Sujan Rane went to Muscat, Oman in 1977 as a senior Official to establish Bank Al Ahli a local Bank , affiliated to  Societe  Generale, the French international Bank. He was successful not only in establishing it but turning it into a profitable Bank within a span of 8 years . Sujan went to Mumbai periodically to engage promising young Maharashtrians for this Bank . They worked successfully in helping himto turn this Bank into a profitable organization , which is now known as Bank of Muscat .

He returned to Mumbai in 1986 and worked as General Manager for Dhrangadra Chemical Works Ltd .  ( connected with Times of India Group of Companies ) and later as a  Consultant  to Manubhai Maneklal the Bear King of Bombay Stock Exchange . In 1992  he was employed on Vice-Presidential level of ABN-ANRO Bank in Saudi Arabia for their Operations in the Eastern Area, while teaching in the evenings , Economics, Banking Operations and Management Accountancy at Institute of Public  Administration, Al-Khobar , a Saudi Government College training Saudi  adult students for Positions in Saudi Government Departments . He was soon appointed a full-time Lecturer in this College and served the College for a few years before taking permanent residence in USA in 2000.

Sujan Rane has been in USA since then , promoting both Hindustani Classical Vocal Music of the Kirana Gharana and Portrait-Painting on a professional basis . During the last 20 years he had the privilege to execute portraits of several distinguished personalities in USA and India

Pandit Sujan Rane has been a Professional Hindustani Classical Singer as well as a Portrait-Painter over the last 40 years .

Music -

Senior  Shishya of Pt Firoz Dastur , doyen of Kirana Gharana who was a Shishya of Sawai Gandharva.

Presented recitals principally at -Indian Cultural Center, Muscat, Oman, Indian Cultural Center, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia , Benares Hindu University. Varanasi , Tata Institute of Fundamental    Research  Mumbai, ITC Sangeet Research Academy, Calcutta , Kala Academy , Goa, International Cultural Institute , Bangalore ., Swami Vallabh Sangeetalay , Mumbai ., New York Cultural Center, New York. , Nehru Center, High Commission of India , London and many other small institutions


Commissioned to paint portraits of distinguished personalities like, besides several private individuals.

*Sultan Qaboos , former Ruler Of Oman, *Senator Mr Peter Inverso Of Republican Party of USA , *Indira Gandhi , former Indian  Prime Minister. ,* Shriyans Prasad Jain connected with Times of India. Mumbai. *Swami Chinmayanand for Chinmaya Mission, New Jersey, USA.  *Swami Vivekanand for Vivekanand Kendra , Kanyakumari, South India. *Donated portraits of Indian Classical Musicians  to Maharaja Sayajiraw University of Baroda in Jan 2021.

Held paintings exhibitions at Nehru Center. Mumbai, Shanmukhanand Cultural Center, Mumbai, Brihan Maharashtra Mandal Convention , Calgary , Canada

01 August 2021 : Garje Marathi 5th Anniversary Celebration 

( Wait for program Announcement )

मराठीतील पहिली जागतिक कोविड परिषद



GMG NonProfit

Ajay Rane

Anil Nene UK

Ashok Khandkar

Deepa Pralhad

Dr. Udayrao Bodhankar

How to Become a scientist

Job opportunities

Shantanu Gandhe

Deepak Dolas


Kedar Palsule

Nilay Gosavi

Prashant Belwalkar

Prashant Gijare

Priya Lele

Raghav Sadekar

Samir Ketkar

Sanjeev Brahme

Shalmali Gadgil

Vaidya Farms

Vinod Nalawade

मराठीतील पहिली जागतिक कोविड परिषद

विवेक समूह - मुंबई तरुण भारत आयोजित जागतिक कोविड परिषदेचे थेट प्रक्षेपण 

Listen to Anand Ganu from 2.39.40 



Garje Marathi Global Foundation and Savitribai Phule Pune University sign MOU.

“Thank you Vice Chancellor Prof. Nitin R. Karmalkar, for your guidance and support.”

Madhav Dabke (Member GMGF), Dr. N S Umarani (Pro Vice Chancellor SPPU), CA Sanjiv Brahme ( Founder, Board Member GMGF), Prof. Nitin R. Karmalkar (Vice Chancellor SPPU), Prasenjit Phadnavis (Management council member SPPU), Dr Prafull Pawar (Registrar of the SPPU), Apoorva Palkar •(director-Innovation,Incubation& Linkages SPPU) and Dr. Parag Kalkar (Dean commerce and management SPPU)

This Memorandum of Understanding is made on this 25 th day of June  2021 between Savitribai Phule Pune University’s – Centre for Innovation, Incubation & Enterprise having office at Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune -411007 and Garje Marathi Global Foundation  a Non Profit, section ‘8’ company registered in India,  having registered office at  202-B-5, Vikas Complex, Castle Mills Compound, Thane West, Maharashtra, 400601 being subsidiary of Garje Marathi Global Inc. a nonprofit company registered in State of California , USA.

SPPU’s-CIIE is a part of SPPU created by Maharashtra Public Universities Act 2016 aimed at innovation, incubation and Linkages in the University and is works on creating innovative courses and training programs leading to employability. SPPU’s-CIIE through its board of research, work out and initiate research in delivery, development of e-learning pedagogy, open distance learning and conventional education. SPPU’s –CIIE works to create synergy at policy and operational level mechanism for co-operation between university departments and industry in the state and other states.

Garje Marathi Global Foundation GMGF is based on education, knowledge, enterprising skills and patriotism, celebrating success of Marathi community is way of acknowledging their contributions to the society, to the economy and to our great nation. GMGF manages all Maharashtra centric initiatives of Garje Marathi Global USA.  GMG has many ongoing projects in Maharashtra, GMG Innovation Academy’s Mentoring program for Early Stage Startups, GMG Agritech Forum, GMG Career Forum Germany, GMG Teach to Teach program and GMG Pharma Health Forum to name few.

Garje Marathi Global Foundation and Savitribai Phule Pune University sign MOU, the office of Vice Chancellor SPPU at 4.00 PM on Friday , 25 June 2021.

In Presence of , :-Madhav Dabke (Member GMGF, Founder Garje Marathi Germany Chapter), Dr. N S Umarani (Pro Vice Chancellor SPPU), CA Sanjiv Brahme ( Founder, Board Member GMGF), Prof. Nitin R. Karmalkar (Vice Chancellor SPPU), Prasenjit Phadnavis (Management council member SPPU), Dr Prafull Pawar (Registrar of the SPPU), Apoorva Palkar •(director-Innovation,Incubation& Linkages SPPU) and Dr. Parag Kalkar (Dean commerce and management SPPU)

Also present were Meenal Mohadikar Director GMGF from Mumbai and Anand Ganu President/ Founder Garje Marathi Global from San Francisco, California USA.

Anand Ganu thanked Vice Chancellor Prof. Nitin R. Karmalkar for his guidance and support. Anand said, “ This is the moment of extreme pride for GMGF. We have great sense of pride and responsibility at the same time. SPPU is one of the most reputed University in the world . Many of GMG members are alumni of this university. Garje Marathi has huge wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise. GMG has large number of members who are very high achiever; highly respected professionals, academician and entrepreneurs. They want to give back to roots, they wish to offer their expertise to their origin Maharashtra. They are looking at this association with hope and lots of expectations. We are confident that SPPU through its number of institutions help us in connecting with many deserving students, entrepreneurs and innovators.” 

Sanjiv Brahme, Founding Director GMGF said, “This MOU has become reality only because of guidance and support of Vice Chancellor Prof. Nitin R. Karmalkar.  I also must mention my very special thanks to Dr. Apoorva Palkar, director-Innovation, Incubation & Linkages SPPU for her vision in recognizing value in this association. We will be closely working with her to make this association a grand success. It is true that GMG and GMGF has lot expertise to offer but we need support and cooperation from esteemed faculty, professors and management of SPPU. This association is based on knowledge sharing. ”

Vice Chancellor Prof. Nitin R. Karmalkar offered his full support for the association between SPPU and GMGF and wished a great success.


“GMGintro”  is a GMG Health and Pharma Tech (GMG-HPT) initiative designed to introduce its members to each other.

GMG-HPT members have a diverse educational and professional background. Further, they are scattered all over the globe. GMGintro initiative is designed to highlight our members' achievements, to foster collaborations- peer to peer interactions and for mentoring………. https://www.garjemarathi.com/Blog/newsletter_details.php?newsletter=GMGintro

GMG NonProfit

Garej Marathi Global Is registered as Non Profit with Google and Microsoft


Ajay Rane awarded 2021 Queensland greats award

Ajay Rane Great supporter and well-wisher of Garje Marathi Global Prof. Dr. Ajay Rane awarded 2021 Queensland greats award………  https://www.garjemarathi.com/Blog/newsletter_details.php?newsletter=Ajay-Rane-awarded-2021-Queensland-greats-award

Anil Nene UK

त्रिखंड गाजवणाऱ्या, स्वातंत्र्यवीर सावरकर ह्यांच्या मार्सेच्या सागरात मारलेल्या क्रांतिकारी उडीस ८ जुलै २०२१ रोजी १११ वर्षे पूर्ण होत आहेत. त्या निमित्ताने इंग्लंडवासी श्री अनिल नेने बृहन महाराष्ट्र मंडळ स्वित्झर्लंड च्या मासिक अथर्वशीर्ष पठण आणि गाठभेट सत्रात ऐतिहासिक, महान घटनेवर बोलणार आहेत. २०१० साली मार्से येथे संपन्न झालेल्या शताब्दी महोत्सवात त्यांचा सहभाग होता. त्याबद्दलही ते आपल्या आठवणी सांगतील

श्री अनिल नेने हे लेखक, कवी असून त्यांचा इतिहासाचाही अभ्यास आहे. युरोपियन मराठी संमेलनात ते पहिल्या संमेलनापासून पासून सक्रिय सहभागी होत आले आहेत. वीर सावरकर ह्या चित्तथरारक चित्रपट निर्मितीतही त्यांचे व डॉ अश्विनी नेने यांचे योगदान होत. तर अशा वक्त्यांकडून ऑनलाईन ऐकुया "स्वातंत्र्यवीर सावरकरांची युगप्रवर्तक उडी आणि १११ वर्षे" या त्यांच्या व्याख्यानात. 

३  जुलै  २०२१ सायं ७ वाजता स्विस वेळेप्रमाणे (रात्री १०:३० भारतीय वेळ आणि सायं ६ ब्रिटन वेळ) यु ट्युब लिंक : https://youtu.be/rDCOovx8jog

Ashok Khandkar PhD Congratulations,

Elute, Inc. Announces First Clinical Trial Authorization by FDA for Use of Its Antibiotic Eluting Bone Void Filler Product (EP Granules with Tobramycin™)…….  https://www.garjemarathi.com/Blog/newsletter_details.php?newsletter=Congratulations,-Ashok-Khandkar-PhD

Deepa Pralhad

Understand and learn  *Padma Bhushan C.K. Prahalad’s*  “The concept of The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid”  

*To Register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/159864080769 *

Deepa Prahalad Abhyankar:Design strategist, Social Innovator, Innovation consultant, Author, Speaker. Thinkers 50 India, Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches, Drucker Forum

In conversation with  :

Sandeep Padhye, Founding Director Garje Marathi Global ,

C.K.Pralhad : social strategist, educator and author  influential global business thinker, a trusted adviser and Management Guru.

“If we stop thinking of the poor at the BOP as victims or as a burden and start recognizing them as resilient and creative entrepreneurs and value conscious consumers, a whole new world of opportunity will open up. When the poor are treated as consumers, they can reap the benefits of respect, choice, and self-esteem and have an opportunity to climb out of the poverty trap.”

Organized by:

Garje Marathi Global Inc.

Three learning and interactive sessions led by Deepa Prahalad.

Sunday 11,18 and 25 July 7.30 to 8.30 AM PDT/ 8.00 to 9.00PM IST

Dr. Udayrao Bodhankar

Dhanwantari Honor Award awarded to pediatrician Dr. Uday Bodhankar on the occasion of Doctors Day, organized by BJP Medical Front


Nagpur: BJP Medical Front Nagpur City was honored with the Dhanwantari award of doctors who contributed their valuable contribution in the social and health sector of Nagpur on July 1 under the guidance of city president MLA Shri Pravinji Datke. In this, well known pediatrician Dr. Uday G Bodhankar, General Physician and renowned diabetes specialist Dr. Jay Deshmukh Sir, renowned Ophthalmologist MP Padmashree Hon. Dr. Vikasji Mahatme, Dr. Maithili Pandey of NCI, and Dr. Pawan Argade was honored by BJP Medical Front Nagpur City with a Dhanwantari statue, certificate of honorable doctors. The city president of BJP Medical Front Dr. Girish Charde was also present in the presence of General Secretary Dr. Shrirang Waradpande, Dr. Dhakulkar, Dr. Patil, Dr. Lalit Jain, Dr. Pranay Chandekar, Sandeep Pande, and all the office bearers of the Medical Front.

How to Become a scientist

How to Become a scientist: Dr. Pallavi Limaye, Dr. Udayan Apte https://youtu.be/tcm3G4oEGOM

www.garjemarathi.com/ https://www.garjemarathi.com/Blog/newsletter_details.php?newsletter=GMG-Health-and-Pharma-Technocrats-group.. Pallavi Limaye PhD DABT Director Scientific Consulting , Udayan Apte PhD DABT Associate Professor University of Kansas Medical Center

Job opportunities

Shantanu Gandhe

• 1stGlobal Managing Delivery Architect (Global Technology Consulting Leader)at VERMEG for Banking & Insurance Software7h • 7 hours ago

Vermeg is looking to hire a seasoned technologist for their North America region ,please message me if interested. #hiring #joinourteam

Deepak Dolas•  

1stDirector at PDV Technocrats1w • 1 week ago


I’m #hiring Business development manager for #Azure. Know anyone who might be interested?


WhatsApp Message

Sharing an opening as discussed with Alankar  JD : We are a Singapore based Fintech operating in the area is digital trust to enable better access to credit for SMEs. We have close partnerships with leading banks, neo and open banking players in ASEAN. We are hiring for financial services "strategy manager" role with key requirements : ~ 5 -8 years of digital and fintech experience, good presentation and communication, ability to work with MS word, ppt and excel. Should have excellent problem solving abilities and 1-2 years of experience in fintech and B2B SAAS products. Knowledge of cyber security is preferred but not mandatory. This will be customer facing role involving regular client presentations. Start date must be within next 4 weeks. please DM me or email on partner@digiallyglobal.com. Shrikant: 65 90064757 Location : remote

Kedar Palsule

Teach to Teach: Teach to Teach , "Supply Chain, Lean Logistics and Project Management." Kedar Palsule https://youtu.be/tbltcBzV6_M

Organized by Garje Marathi Global (www.garjemarathi.com), Teach to Teach initiative: https://www.garjemarathi.com/Blog/newsletter_details.php?newsletter=Teach2Teach

Program start date: September 4th 2021 2. Schedule Frequency & Duration: • 13 weeks from 4th Sep 2021 to 27th Nov 2021 • Every Saturday 9:30 am to 11 am IST (9pm to 10:30 pm PST) (Topics by date to be announced). "Today, more than ever, there is a need for an industry-level view in addition to the academic-view that many students have………… https://www.garjemarathi.com/Blog/newsletter_details.php?newsletter=Supply-Chain,-Lean-Logistics-and-Project-Management  

Nilay Gosavi

Teach to Teach : Nilay Gosavi Introduction to fundamentals of supply chain management. : Nilay Gosavi

Introduction to fundamentals of supply chain management.

METHOD:      Online

MEDIUM:       English

To Apply : Google Form : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSejEhhMnXYrSlc6pRZ4gt9em8R-IZ-dms2LMzZwV50omTxEZA/viewform?usp=sf_link


  1. Fundamentals of Supply Chain: Le-agile, visible, collaborative supply chains 
  2. Concepts of logistics: Logistics competency, network design, Integrated logistics, barriers 
  3. Importance and use of data in supply chain 
  4. Role on Inventory, demand planning, forecasting, S&OP  
  5. Warehousing, transportation and distribution concepts  


15 Weeks program / 2 hours every week, Every Saturday from 31 July at 8.00 AM UAE Time ……………….. https://www.garjemarathi.com/Blog/newsletter_details.php?newsletter=15-week-free-workshop-Introduction-to-fundamentals-of-supply-chain-management.- 

Prashant Belwalkar


Prashant Gijare

Sr Director - Digital Transformation at SCMiND2d 

Business Leaders should not perceive process automation as just cutting hours of operations but freeing people from mundane, repetitive work to do some meaningful work instead. As a result, automation reduces future hiring as the same workforce is now more productive and able to take on more (and meaningful) work.
On the flip side, The workforce should not perceive this as a management's method to replace humans with robots. In fact, automation tends to reduce getting overwhelmed by several things to be tackled at the same time.
Bottom line - If digital transformation is well thought and communicated, a goal of a fully automated organization doesn't become a fancy catch-phrase or a pipe dream

Priya Lele

Master of Laws (LLM)  in conversation with Ravindra Gadgil and Pradnya Punekar https://youtu.be/onaFVpH3fKk

Priya Lele, "Organized by Garje Marathi Global www.garjemarathi.com Priya Lele Master of Laws (LLM) Corporate laws University of Cambridge Law-breaker leading disruptive innovation and positive change in law Legal Operations Lead, Client Solutions at Herbert Smith Freehills LLP Co-founder & Chair She Breaks the Law London, England, United Kingdom I am a lawyer, a legal operations leader and an intraprenuer. My nearly two decades of experience is split across practising the law (as a senior corporate finance lawyer) and disrupting and innovating the practice of law (at law firms and corporations) for future-proofing the profession. I am also a co-founder of She Breaks the Law – a unique global network of women disrupters (aka #lawbreakers) dedicated to driving positive change in the legal ecosystem. It breaks down silos, drives cross-cultural and multidisciplinary collaboration and shines a light on relatable role models. In my day job, I am passionate about designing new ways of working and creating user-centric solutions through the application of design thinking, lean and agile principles and supported by the effective use of technology and automated solutions for future-proofing the profession. As a pioneer in legal process design and an advocate of human centred design, I have a substantial track record of shaping and leading transformational projects in private practice and with in-house legal teams (including of several FTSE100 clients and a Fortune50 client). Over the years I have helped design and optimise 100s of legal and business processes. My other passion is championing diversity and inclusion and bridging the gap between different disciplines to drive collaboration and accelerate the pace of change and innovation in the legal profession. This culminated in the co-founding of She Breaks the Law on International Woman's Day 2019 – now a thriving and strong community of 1000s of women from across the globe. I am also on the Advisory Board of the Cambridge Women in Law (CWIL) network at the University of Cambridge and a Champion for #racefairness and #diversity at Herbert Smith Freehills LLP. Recently, I won the European Women of Legal Technology Award 2020 in the professional services category." Specialties include: Legal design and process optimization Innovation strategy & methodologies Adoption of technology and automated solutions Vision & strategy for legal department transformation Stakeholder management & leadership Design Thinking, Agile Project Management & Lean in law

Raghav Sadekar

Teach to Teach  Middle East ( G.C.C.) centric Online training and e-Learning program : Raghav Sadekar Kuwait https://youtu.be/vgb-GMIftzQ

Organized by Garje Marathi Global (www.garjemarathi.com), Teach to Teach initiative: https://www.garjemarathi.com/Blog/newsletter_details.php?newsletter=Teach2Teach

Online training and e-Learning program to mentor the students / entrepreneurs / Small & Medium Enterprises : Higher studies, careers and business operations Middle East region (G.C.C.) Program Controller: Raghav Sadekar, Kuwait. Entrepreneur • Management Consultant • Business Advisor • Visionary, Passionate & innovative, Thought provoking, Mentor, Philosopher and Empathetic keen on Energy (Oil & Gas), Homeland Security, IT & Communications. https://www.garjemarathi.com/Blog/newsletter_details.php?newsletter=Teach2Teach www.garjemarathi.com

Samir Ketkar

Samir has been appreciated with an excellence award for this maiden, non-routine Financial Modelling effort for Tier-1 client. This was an important opportunity to work on this Enhanced Oil Recovery portfolio refresh with a large number of fields to develop and decide upon. Having him involved in this and being recognized brings joy to us. Samir is equipped to provide astute advice on projects and programs so that his clients make their Horizon-3 strategic projects materialize in real time. As a Strategy Practitioner with Financial Advisory experience, he continues to engage in consulting & leadership roles based on credentials and do have varied key areas of interest including being part of workshop panel on GMG’s IA startup accelerator cohort #1 mentoring program.

Samir says, "Feeling honored for this maiden, non-routine Financial Modelling effort for Tier-1 client. Lucky to get such an opportunity to work on this EOR portfolio review with a large number of fields to develop and decide upon."

Sanjeev Brahme

Sanjeev Brahme’s lecture : see WhatsApp https://www.facebook.com/thepolicytimes/videos/482511519717155

Enhanced Role for Experts to support MSME for Strategic planning for National reincarnation by Sanjiv Brahme and Dr.Parthasarathy

My presentation on Charitable trust and taxation on 26th May at Western India Regional Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.there was attendence of 450 CAs from Maharashtra,Goa, and Gujrath

Shalmali Gadgil

I am delighted to announce that I have received a wonderful opportunity to work with Dr.Sihong Song at the University of Florida on his study on Gene therapy for Lupus patients.

I would like to give a big thank you to Mr. Anand Ganu and Dr. Manoj Jadhav for all their help! I am excited for how much I am going to learn in the next couple of months, and to grow as a scientist in my field.

Very much looking forward to spending my summer in the sunshine state!

Vaidya Farms Reel Ratnagiri

मी एक शेतकरी आहे याचा मला खूप अभिमान आहे नमस्कार मी सुवर्णा मिलिंद वैद्य (रा.रीळ रत्नागिरी) पूर्वाश्रमीची सुवर्णा विश्वास गोड बोले( रा. जंगली महाराज रोड पुणे )……….  https://www.garjemarathi.com/Blog/newsletter_details.php?newsletter=Vaidya-Farms-Reel-Ratnagiri

Vinod Nalawade

The Queen’s Award for Voluntary service with special recognition.
I’m honoured to receive blessings and recognition from the governors of the "Gurjar Hindu Union charity" alongside my family. The GHU has been presented with the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, the highest award a voluntary group can receive in the UK.
The charity has provided educational, cultural, and integration support services to the Hindu and wider Crawley community for decades. It has been a privilege personally to serve the charity for over 18 years now through the use of my print and digital marketing skills and I hope that it can continue to provide an invaluable service to the people of Crawley.



“GMGintro”  is a GMG Health and Pharma Tech (GMG-HPT) initiative designed to introduce its members to each other.

GMG-HPT members have a diverse educational and professional background. Further, they are scattered all over the globe. GMGintro initiative is designed to highlight our members' achievements, to foster collaborations- peer to peer interactions and for mentoring.

"GMGintro" has two components- a five-minute video presentation and a short 400 word biosketch that goes along with the video. Members are invited to record a short five-minute video introducing themselves, their educational and professional background, their current work and comment on how GMG can help them pursue their career goals, offer networking opportunities with like-minded people  and help to achieve business ambitions.

GMG-HPT will organize special "GMGintro" Google Meet sessions once in two months, where these videos will be played for the attendees. The members being introduced will attend this session and will be available to answer questions from the attendees.

The five minute video presentation and a 400 word biosketch will be published on GMG website, monthly publication GAURAV and on the network,  open for viewing by everyone.

The overall goal of the GMG initiative is to connect Marathi speaking professionals from all parts of the world with each other and to encourage professional collaborations, provide mentoring to young professionals and improve the professional lives of our members. "GMGintro" is an important step in this direction.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you are interested in participating in "GMGintro" sessions and we will be happy to provide you with more details and help making the presentations.

For further details:-

Anand Ganu: 001 7327897130, garjemarathi@gmail.com 

Udayan Apte: audayan@yahoo.com

Ameet Sule :asulegmg@gmail.com


Our Recent Members


Mr. Manohar Kamble

Chipata Zambia

Wanted to progress My self but no one left behind from friend circle and relatives.


Dr. Milind Kulkarni


Senior Scientist & Group Head 

Nanocomposite Laboratory 

Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology (C-MET) 

Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY)  Govt. Of India 



Mr. Yogesh Pawaskar


An entrepreneur, researcher & brand marketeer with over 17 years of experience in consumer research, insights & strategy, brand building.

I have served in global as well as local firms across Southeast Asia and India in commercial management, innovation development and brand building roles.

Currently, I am a partner and advisor in Research Activate, a boutique research & consulting firm based in Indonesia. I enjoy understanding ever evolving consumer needs and category landscape to find ways to benefit client's business and grow their brands.

I aim at working as a client business partner to assist them to overcome their business and consumer challenges via timely & actionable insights.